EFT Tapping will benefit you in many ways here are some of the things you can tap For:

1. Fears & Phobias 

2. Pain Management/ Any pain

3. Weight Loss/ Eating Disorders 

4. Children's Behaviours 

5. Addictions

6. Cravings 

7. Obsessions

8. Trauma

9. Insomnia/ Sleep Issues

10. Relationship Problems

11. Learning and Studying Problems

12. Self Esteem Issues

13. Anger and Rage

14- Anxiety/ Stress

15. Public Speaking 

16- Habits 

And the list goes on and on. We can tap on just about anything and it is guaranteed to work. Here is a photo of me with a snake. I used to fear snakes so much so that I could not even look at them in photo books! I used EFT and here I am. EFT works! Give it a try, I will help you.