Health and Wisdom is a unique breakthrough program created to help you achieve personal success and a well balanced life. This program will change your life! It is truly a "problem solver". No matter what you are going through this is the perfect solution you have been waiting for. Health is the combination of two major energy healing techniques Reiki and EFT Tapping and Wisdom is a one on one personal coaching for your success and well being. Below I share with you what we cover in detail in this amazing program.

Wisdom modules include:

  • Controlling your thoughts

  • Shifting vibrations

  • Affirmations & Autosuggestion

  • Attitude for success

  • Understanding your conscious & subconscious mind

  • Your body’s energetic vibration and how this affects your results

  • Goal setting & achieving

  • Decision making

  • Responsibility

  • and more!

     You will gain a greater understanding about yourself, your life and your health. You will become healthier, develop more self awareness, self development, understanding of your unresolved emotions and how they are affecting your health and personal life. Most importantly the relationship with yourself. I will teach you how to shift your thoughts and emotions from negative to positive.

     I will help you with goal setting and achieving and show you how to tap into your endless potential. With Health & Wisdom the knowledge and understanding you will gain will serve you for life! You will achieve personal success because you will understand how your mind works, what your emotions mean, how to control your thoughts and feelings and take control of you life!

     I look forward to working with you and help you succeed in life. Please feel free to contact me via this form or call me for a consultation and to get you started on your new journey to happiness, peace, love and success!




Samantha came into my life at a time where I feel I had been at my lowest and needed guidance more than ever. Struggling with mental health, feeling like I had no control. She continues to help ground me in a way I did not think was possible.
She has been an inspiration and has helped me to realize endless potential within myself. 
She serves people to be the best they can be, and in turn I want to be that light for others. She is humble which truly makes her great.
The program is shifting my life & thinking, in positive ways.
My thought of Samantha is that she is an angel. I am forever grateful to have met her and to now have her as my friend.

Joanna Medeiros

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