My Spiritual side and meeting with Gail Thackray!


I have written a few blogs on here but I have not blogged about the Spiritual side of myself. As you know, I am a holistic health practitioner, I guide past life regressions and I do intuitive readings with angel cards. Aside from my educational work at the school. I am on social media, I share my blogs, my experiences and some stories with my followers.

My intention is to guide, teach, inspire and serve you.

On this blog I want to share about my first time (which was this past Sunday), at the Body, Soul, Spirit Expo. I went specifically to attend a past life workshop and meet my spirit guide through hypnosis of course. I already know how to do regressions but I wanted to learn the way to meet my spirit guide. The experience was great and I got exactly what I needed.

After the workshop I went into the expo to walk around and a booth really caught my eye. I stayed around and made eye contact with this lady who at the time I had no idea who she was but there was a line up of people waiting to talk with her and I watched her spend a few minutes with each person and it seemed as if she was blessing them.

Her booth had a few books that she had published and one of the titles really caught my eye as it was about meeting John of God. Also I saw that she was a Reiki Master and well we now have that in common I said to myself, so I decided right then to stand in line and meet this woman who also had the privilege to be in the presence of this holy man, John of God. John of God lives in Brazil and he is a medium, a psychic surgeon, a healer, thousands of people go visit him and report miracles.

My turn came to meet this lady, she held my hands, told me a few things about myself and my healing work, my future, amongst other things that were wow and super useful for me and my work. I did not say a thing. She was right on, I was overwhelmed. She blessed me. I know I will see her again. Her name is Gail Thackray, a psychic medium, Reiki Master yay! author, speaker, TV star! Meeting her made my day, I know it was in my “cards” to meet her. I was so excited! There is more I want to write about my meeting with her but that is material for another blog. I did ask her "How did you and how can I meet John of God" she replied " I can take you to him", she told me she can take me to him. I know this is why I went to the expo that day to open this new door for myself, I was guided to go, to meet her, and ask. My next blog I will share more on this.

I wanted to share this experience, write it down, put it out there because I feel amazing about it.

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