Coincidence or Fate?



When we meet people we sometimes wonder why they come into our life... I know I do. This blog is tied to my last blog on here, there is so much material on this I love it. I can just write write and keep on writing! I believe in fate. I believe that when people cross our paths is for a reason which sometimes we don't know right away. Some people stay in our life for a long time and others we meet for a few minutes and they are gone. I can guarantee if you look deeper you can see and realize why. 

We learn from these people, sometimes great lessons that makes us happy and help us grow. Other times the lessons and experiences we learn are not so great and other times people show up to "mirror" so we can see with our own eyes, what it is  we should be looking for or going after... if that makes sense to you all. We all have those WTH moments after meeting some people, but at the end we find out the reason behind it. My hope is that we all learn from these life lessons through these people, as they can and do strengthen us, enlighten us, makes us wiser.

My personal experience and this is how I'm tying this blog to my last blog :). I met this lady who introduced me and gave me access to Gabby Bernstein digital Spirit Junkie Master course! I did not know about this course and I, at the moment could not afford this course and I told her so. She said to me " Sam, I will give you access to this course so you can learn, get inspired and take what you need from it". "You will love it, you will love Gabby" were her words to me.  I was wowed by her generosity to share this with me as not many people would do this for someone they barely know on a personal level. She reads my blogs, knows about my spiritual work, my faith and beliefs and has faith in me, that's why she did it. This lady is amazing in my books and I owe her because I am enjoying this digital course, I get more inspired, more knowledgable, enlightened.  Meeting her~ my fate.

Gabby talks about John of God, please google him. I have been wanting to learn more about him and even has crossed my mind to meet him and live this experience Gabby talks about first hand.  I went to the Body, Soul, Spirit expo last Sunday and whom do I meet? Gail Thackray, Medium, Reiki Master, Author, TV star! She knows John of God, wrote a book on the experience and I now I know how to contact and can communicate with Gail, attend other workshops led by Gail and fly to meet John of God with Gail and others when I am ready and able to. Coincidence? Nope this is Fate!

I am a spirit junkie. I am loving and embracing this path I am on. I want more of it. I want to share with you what I learn, inspire you and guide you, because I can and It fulfills me to do so, to serve you. 

I hope you trust your instinct~ believe in yourself~ shine your light! we are all stars~ when you fall get up and keep going~ have faith and smile~

Life is beautiful, and when you meet special people let them know what they mean to you. Don't let fear stop you from giving anyone a beautiful compliment or telling them how they have touched and changed your life. Fear is our worst enemy, blocks us. I will blog on Fear soon.