Body WISDOM Part 1


My last blog on here was about where in our body we hold our emotions. Today I am going to tell you what each part of our body is "responsible" for, starting with the brow.

Brow: Intuitive centre, emotional expression

Forehead: Intellectual expression

Eyes: Show how we see the world

Nose: Related to the heart, sense and smell- sexual response, self recognition

Mouth: Survival issues, how we taken nourishment- security, capacity to take in new ideas

Jaw: Tension, indicates blockage of emotional and verbal communication 

Face: Expresses our personality, shows how we face the world

Ears: Capacity to hear, have acupuncture points for the whole body. What is riot you are unwilling to hear? Are you listening to your inner guidance?

Throat: Communication issues. Are you telling the truth? Are you expressing your feelings?

Neck: Thought and emotion come together, stiffness is is due to withheld statements

This is all great information and also how each of our chakras gets affected, blocked :(. Reiki  is a great way to unblock, clear and open up all your energy centres so you don't have these issues ;)!

This is only a few body parts and I will continue on the rest of all the body parts very soon. Stay tuned for Body Wisdom Part 2!