Chakras Continued..

The Jade Gate... Your first chakra!

The Jade Gate... Your first chakra!

Hello again! I want to start by saying how happy I am with all the wonderful feedback I am getting about this website, my blog and FB page. It means so much to me, so thank you.

Now back to Chakras.. Overall this system is related to our individual growth and development of consciousness. The lower chakras deal with issues of survival, sexuality and power and the upper chakras deal with issues of personal expression, insight and spiritual completion. Problems with the chakras come from problems of the body, mind and spirit. A change in the chakras means transformation of the truest sort.

I will start by introducing you to your 1st chakra, The Jade Gate. Red in colour. Instinctual drive for food, sex and survival. It is through this chakra that life begins. A person with a healthy 1st chakra has a natural love of life, and love of self. Good habits of self-care, cleanliness, good nutrition and exercise are motivated by a healthy 1st chakra. This chakra can inspire a sense of confidence and trust for any aspect in life. When this chakra is underdeveloped a person will show insecure disposition and nervousness, poor body image and engage in self destructive behaviours. Also, If this chakra becomes overactive the person will become greedy and show self obsessed behaviour, self destructing behaviour.

There is more but this sums it up pretty well. I can not stress enough the importance of having our chakras cleared and balanced. We are human and life is life with its ups and downs and we all need to clear ourselves, take time to give back to our body and mind. Meditation, yoga, Reiki, walks, relaxation and clear the mind. We all need this so lets do it!

Until next blog will be on our 2nd. Chakra. Please feel free to write your comments below and submit.



Information Inspired by Healing Chakras~ Ilchi Lee