7th Chakra~ Heaven's Gate

Hello and welcome back to my blog! Today I get to talk about the 7th chakra, more commonly referred to as the crown chakra, is located just above the top of the head. The Sanskrit name for chakra 7 is Sahasrara, which means thousand petal lotus. The chakra is symbolized by just that - a lotus flower with a thousand petals. The number of petals in the chakra image is symbolic as well. The number 1000, represented by the thousand petals in the crown chakra symbol, adds up and reduces to the number 1 in numerology.

The number one represents strong leadership and will power, a courageous person who is goal oriented and driven. A number one person is a pioneer who is independent and individualistic and approaches issues from a unique perspective. A number one is original and sometimes unconventional. They possess tremendous potential for success in life.

The crown chakra is associated with the color violet.  Violet is the highest color in the light spectrum. It represents the spiritual or higher self, wisdom, vitality, intuitive awareness, passion and dignity. The element associated with the violet chakra is cosmic energy. We may experience this cosmic energy as a white light coming from inside of us. It is the light of our Creator, our all knowing Source.

Each chakra also governs particular areas of our physical body as well as our emotions. The crown chakra oversees the brain, the top of the head, and the hormone and nervous systems. When it is out of balance you may experience a sensitivity to light and a chronic tiredness. On an emotional level, our violet chakra reigns over peace and enlightenment, understanding and knowledge. It is the seat of our conscious awareness and divinity and helps to integrate the whole of who we are. The crown chakra allows wisdom to flow to us. We feel the connection to our spirituality through this 7th chakra and it is the center of eternal bliss, liberation and connection to the Divine.

When the crown chakra is in balance we experience an ability to understand and learn new information easily. We make logical decisions easily and may have a strong sense of humanitarianism and devotion. We feel open minded and thoughtful and are more connected to our spiritual nature. We develop a trust in the Divine. An unbalanced crown chakra can exhibit itself in a feeling of lack of purpose or inspiration, confusion, a lack of understanding, a loss of identity, apathy, learning difficulties, or denial of our spirituality. The crown chakra is all about our spiritual nature and connecting with the Divine. It is about selflessness, humanitarianism and integrating the whole of who we are. The life lesson relating to the 7th chakra in this lifetime is about experiencing the Divine and learning to understand the Divine meaning in life. Just as birth is an important event related to the first chakra ( root chakra), death is an important event to the 7th chakra, Crown chakra. This chakra is one of the three gates our soul must pass through at the moment of our death. If the soul is complete it will join with the rest of heaven. If the soul is not complete/ fully enlightened, the soul will have to continue the cycles of incarnation as it is born through a yet another body to experience another journey through the three gates. This process will continue again and again until full completion is achieved.

So now you are probably wondering about these three gates and I will give you a little introduction now as I will be focussing on this topic in a future blog. The three gates are the Jade Gate (first chakra), Soul Gate (fifth chakra) and Heaven's Gate ( seventh chakra). We must pass through these three gates in order to attain completion of the soul.

Please email me with any questions you may have regarding this blog or any of my past blogs related to the seven chakras. My next blog will be on Energetic Anatomy. Stay tuned!



Information Inspired by Healing Chakras by Ilchi Lee