A Thought

Hello! I hope you are all well and enjoying the weekend. Today I want to write a blog about life, feeling grounded and living in the moment. I want to share my thoughts and feelings in the hopes that it might just resonate with you and get you to share thoughts and ideas with me and the rest of the readers on the website or FB page. 

We tend to dwell on the past, worry about the future and pay little attention to right now. If you think about it, it is the "right now" moment that matters the most! Life happens while we are too busy making plans.. We can not change the past, but learn from it we sure can and should. The future will be as it is meant to be and different for each person. Yes, we should make sure that we work hard for what we want and have a successful life, but I am not referring to work or money I am referring to  life within ourselves, how we live and feel inside.  In our society we stress about just anything and everything, we tend to carry too much weight on our shoulders, we worry, suffer.  We judge we gossip and you know what.. thats is wrong, really is. How can we judge people when we don't really know their story? but we are all guilty of being judgmental at some point, lets try not to!  Do we like being judged by others? I bet not so lets change that then. Gossip, we are all guilty of that and one little gossip can easily turn into a big big problem and hurt many people not just one, but we can stop gossip easily, it is a choice.

Takes time and practice to learn how to  balance our busy lives. For me, years ago I turned to Yoga, mind you I do not  practice as often as I used to or should, but I learned how to breath and be still and appreciate that for what it is ... it is " me time", a few minutes of silence a day, to meditate to just breath. Then a couple of years ago it was Bio energy that helped me also to feel grounded, confident, at peace with myself and decisions I had to make. Finally it was reiki healing and practice that got me to where I am today with myself.  The key for me is to keep the balance going, keep grounding myself, clearing myself, keeping positive and keep smiling. Did you know that no matter how you are feeling if you just smile for a few seconds it will change your mood? If you need to practice smiling then do it! Before you now it becomes second nature. 

Point is to take a few minutes each day for "YOU" just "YOU". Close your eyes, take a deep breath and activate your senses, clear your mind. Life is what you make it, they say.. I think that life can be beautiful for everyone if we learn how to live it in a healthy and proactive way. We have choices, we can choose to be a good person, help others, we can choose to stay away from negativity and bad habits, we can change our lives at any given moment in the attempt to better ourselves and our way of life. Keep that in mind, as we are never really "stuck", there is always a way to a better something... always light at the end of the tunnel. 

I hope you enjoyed this blog, I know it is very different from my other blogs but it is just what felt right for me today, just what I wanted to write, so thank you for reading and please do share your thoughts as well. 

Until next time. Namaste,