Soul~Mates.. My Thoughts

Hello! I hope you enjoy reading this blog as this is a topic I am passionate about and I have so much to say. Soulmate, we all want to find our soulmate, we believe once we find that one person we will be forever in love, complete and happy. Well...., let me tell you in case you didn't know.. we happen to have many soulmates, not just one. Here is what I know and have experienced... Years ago I didn't believe in reincarnation and soulmates but after meeting a few different people and having different relationships I had no choice but to start believing that the people that come into our lives, are there for a reason. When we meet people we get a sense of who they are, either we like them right away or we don't.  We get this vibe or gut feeling which we should always trust. We feel we know them well when really we don't, we trust them right away or we do not. Chances are these people you meet and start a relationship with are your soul mates or if you feel you need to  stay away from some people and not sure why? chances are these are also soulmates that did you wrong in a past life, therefore your first instinct is to not trust them and keep away. It is said that our souls come back to meet again with other souls from our past lives. This happens because there may be a lesson to be learned, an unfinished business, or a promise of love to meet each other again. Now, souls recognize each other and they will meet again when the time is right, and you will know. "The eyes are the windows of the soul", have you ever heard that saying? Well, does it make sense now when you look into someones eyes and can see right through them or  has anyone ever told you or you told them " I get lost in your eyes", these people you are connecting with in such deep level are your soulmates. This does not mean this one person will be with you in this life time forever, just means that at this time your souls have come together again to either fall in love again, learn a lesson, forgive, help you through something, teach you something, etc.. Your soulmates can come back as your lover, sibling, friend, son, daughter,  the point is to find each other again and reconnect. We all have a friend that we love as family and family we relate to as friends and chances are this person was your family in a past life. If you think about the people in your life today, family, friends, our own children, our partners, exes, you will understand the reason for finding each other again.  If your souls came together to learn a new lesson, learn forgiveness, make you stronger, ready for a better something meant for you in this you fall in love and if you fall in love at first sight and feel you have known each other forever, then trust that this special someone is your soulmate lover from the past. 

Some of us  are old souls, If you seem to know a lot about everything, and things just make sense to you and come to you easily, then you are an old soul. Most of us are stubborn souls that haven't learned the lessons in life we were meant to learn and so we keep coming back. Some of us are new souls, innocent, kind, naive, with little  experience and much to learn.  Life is a school and we are students. Hopefully we will get it right this life. We have choices and freedom and much love to give and receive. Trust your gut feelings, learn from the people in your life, don't hold grudges as there are valuable lessons to learned here. Be happy you are here and make this life the best you can. Don't be afraid to fall in love again even if your heart has been broken a million times, because each one of those times you learned a lesson and it made you ready for true long lasting love with a soulmate that has come back just for you.

This is my two cents on this and I hope you liked reading my blog. I would love to hear what you thought!