Signs & a visit from a Dragonfly

Hello friends, I hope you are having a great week.  I know it has been awhile since my last blog but I have been not only busy but struggled a little finding a topic for this next blog. I could have touched on the soulmates subject again but I will wait until I finish this book I just bought titled "Beyond Soulmates" and have more material to write about. So, I will talk about signs, not the zodiac signs but daily life signs... for e.g., what happened to me today is one major sign, I am taking it as that because I have been thinking of my next blog and how I felt bad that I had nothing to write about. I was having a drink, appies and great conversation with a dear friend this afternoon when a beautiful Dragonfly sat on my shoulder for what felt like a few minutes and I smiled. Dragonflies are not only my favourite insect but they are a good omen and it is believed that when a Dragonfly crosses your path it means something and I will tell you what that is in a moment. I sometimes see them but not often and most definitely I never had one sit on my shoulder that long, not even for a second. The conversation I was having with my dear friend called for this little guy to join right in! I was speechless.. made  me believe 100% that this little guy that visited us today was there for a reason, one was to deliver my next topic for my blog lol, remind us of something and most importantly deliver a message to us! Dear Friend you will agree and I dedicate this blog to you!  So here it is to Dragonflies, friendship, strength and belief.

Here is what I will share with you about Dragonflies. 

"Dragonfly sees what is in a person's heart and soul, no matter what façade is being shown. Dragonfly's message is one of clarity past the illusion that we are forced to place upon ourselves by society, family, friends.  If a Dragonfly should buzz you or cross your path, you are being asked to look through the veil and see the true reality of your inner being - not that which others tell you that you are.  See the good in you, see the spark of your soul, see the light that you possess while not allowing yourself to succumb to the false reality of others' opinions.  Don't allow negativity of the outside world influence you so that you restrict your growth, your success, ideas, or actions. Change is also a message of a Dragonfly, change in how you view things, how you work with things, how you carry yourself, your spirituality, your strengths, your power and abilities, along with connecting gracefully with your innerself.  All the changes that Dragonfly signals are those that are positive and with many benefits.  Your growth change comes with dignity, grace, and fluidity, without ego or force.  Growth and change - all for the better - is with this little one.  Connect with the elements these creatures represent - water and air -"

This was a great reminder for me today, thank you Dragonfly, thank you life, thank you signs!!! I hope you enjoyed this blog, its short for once but meaningful to me. Please comment and ideas for my next blog are welcomed!