Twin Flame Relationships

“For some people, the point of no return begins at the very moment their souls become aware of each other’s existence”.
— C. JoyBell C

Hello all! I am excited to blog about this today and as promised this is a continuation of my last blog, "Soul Relationships". 

Twin Relationship happens when two people that have gone through the same things, come together. These two are like two peas in a pod! Joined at the hip.  Although very different  personalties and often opposites when these two souls meet there is a pull between them that surpass logic. They unite and stay together... forever..

Here is a couple of reasons why there are Twin Relationships: 1- Past life involvement. This is when two souls depended on each other for survival during one life and believe they will need each other again in this life..( not necessarily true). 2- Between life bonds. This is when for example, if a prior life ended unexpectedly, our soul might bond to that of someone whom died at the same time. These two souls will stay together until its time to incarnate and will promise to meet up again  to keep each other safe. 3- Projections from our family of origin. Lets say in a past life as a child you experienced danger and the imprint of your parents so intense that you feel you need to find a partner who's just like your most abusive parent or contrarily similar to your safest parent in order to have a chance to resolve the deep conflict and heal the wounds. Make sense? 

These relationships are major DRAMA! but you feel incomplete without the other soul. Have you ever met anyone who married the same person more than twice? Or people that are a couple, can't live apart, stay together for survival YET they are the worst most unhealthy match? Or theres is the person who will follow a negative pattern when looking for a partner in order to fix the abusive behaviour and heal in this life...(very sad but happens).

There are ways that in this life you can break the chains from a past life. We have the choice to explore options, experience and get help if we need to. We can start new. Leave the past and old habits where they belong.

There are reasons why we meet, bond, share our life with lots of different people. These people are ones that crossed our path and left a mark. Our family we are born into. Our extended family of choice, our friends. The people we love and need to make our life complete. The souls we need to better ourselves and to do the same for them. They make our big circle of life.



Inspired by book Beyond Soulmates by Cyndi Dale