Chakras and Intimacy


Today I want to share some more information regarding the seven chakras and the type of intimacy inherent in each one. I will write about the first three today.

1st Chakra~ It's colour is red and it's location is where the genitals and hips. The concerns here are: security and survival; money and financial heath; life and death issues; primal relationships and sexual expression; emotions related to abandonment and worthiness e.g., fear & shame. The intimacy type for this chakra is physical.

2nd. Chakra~ It's colour is Orange. It is located where the abdomen; ovaries and testes, intestines, the neurotransmitters determining emotional responses to stimuli. The concerns here are feelings, creativity, sensuality, the ability to leap into life like a child would. The intimacy type is emotional.

3rd Chakra~ It's colour is yellow like the sun. It's located in the solar plexus; pancreas, digestive organs, in stomach area. The concerns here are thoughts and beliefs, judgements and fear of the future, self esteem, self confidence, success at work.

These are the first three. When we are not aligned and our energy centres/chakras are blocked, we  feel worry, stress, sadness, tiredness, pain, depression, etc... 

A healthy chakra is vital for us to live a healthy life, inside out. To have our energy centres aligned and clear helps us in life, in all areas. We are happier! We are Healthier! We are grounded! All the concerns that you just read that have to do with each of these chakras will no longer be. I am here to help you and inform you.  Sharing what I know as it has helped me with my life.

If you have any questions or comments please let me know. 

Thank you/ Namaste,


Inspired by the book Beyond Soulmates by Cyndi Dale