Chakras, Body and Brain



Today I want to talk about how our consciousness reflects the state of our chakras. Our chakras are activated according to what we focus on the most. Many people spend most of their time activating the 1st, 2nd & 3rd chakra, ( refer to prior blogs). We live in a society very materialistic, sex, money and other material things are pretty big and important to our society, to many people. This mind set leaves us in an unbalanced state of being while also contributing to an unhealthy cultural and natural environment.

Chakras have a direct relationship with our nervous system, the system that controls basic life functions like, respiration, circulation and digestion. Blockages or imbalances in the energy of the chakras are reflected in the types and levels of hormones released by the endocrine system. Pain or problems  in a particular area of our body are transmitted to the corresponding chakra., for e.g., digestive organs are connected to the second chakra... and so forth. FULL activation of the chakra system is very important not only for us as individuals but for human society as well. When we activate the fourth through seventh chakras we will stimulate and awaken higher consciousness/knowledge of human existence, consisting of wisdom, love, insight, etc..

Chakras may be activated one by one or as a whole system. Once activated, the chakras will stimulate the associated area of the brain, for e.g., the 4th or Heart chakra will generate emotions and the 3rd or Solar Plexus will generate a strong sense of the self. 

Reiki is great for healing our chakras, clearing, unblocking and balancing. I have treated clients with chronic pain like migraines, emotional pain, distress and sleeping disorders. There are reasons why our bodies suffer but we can avoid the pain by taking care of the root of the problem. 

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Information Inspired by Healing Chakras by Ilchi Lee