February News & Special offers!


February is all about love and because I love what I do I want to share these very special offers with you!

~If you are feeling overwhelmed, stressed out, unbalanced or your body is suffering from any ailments then Reiki is the service you need! Reiki heals you inside out giving you the feeling of total relaxation your desperately need and allowing your mind to quiet down giving you the opportunity to be in a meditating state in order to be able to see things more clearly.

~If you are in need for some  quick results in giving up a craving, addiction, weight loss, your energy level is low, et.. then EFT Tapping is the service for you! You will be amazed how quick EFT works.

~ If you are feeling like you need guidance from up above then an Angel card reading is perfect! Angels are pure beings of Divine light who are entirely trustworthy and who want to help you with every area of your life. The word angel means “messenger of God.” 

Take advantage of these offers below :).

 ~ Take 25 % off a Reiki session or buy a package of 3 and get the 4th session FREE!

~ Book your first EFT Tapping session for only $80.00!

~ One hour Angel Therapy for $ 45.00



With Love