New Year Resolutions & Goal Settings


Hello friends,

We all make new year resolutions and goal settings with every new year. But sometimes we don’t see them through. So, I thought I would share a few tips and ideas on this blog to help you achieve your goals and resolutions for 2016. I hope you agree and use these tips to your advantage :).

~ Make your goals a bit challenging but attainable. If your goal is getting in shape and loosing weight, start with 15-20 minutes a few days a week instead of jumping into 1 hour at the gym daily. 

~ Plan ahead and think it through. Set a reasonable time limit for yourself to achieve your goal. 

~ Tell family and friends about your resolution so they can help you stay on target. Don’t be afraid or shy to ask for help.

~ Celebrate your success by rewarding yourself with something special and relaxing like a manicure, facial or a massage :).

~ Keep track of your progress. Find a way to chart it. 

~ Stick with it! Experts say that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit and 6 months for it to become a part of your personality.

~ If you fall down, get back up! and resume asap.

~ No matter what your goal is please have fun achieving it! Have a fantastic 2016!

With love,