What you need to know about Past Life Regressions


Up until not too long ago I was not really aware of what exactly is a past life regression. I had heard about regressing but I had questions such as: what is a PLR? How does it work? What would I find out during a PLR? What does that feel like? How will it serve me to undergo a PLR? etc... I am sure many people have asked these questions and are still not very clear of what entails to undergo a session, to go back in time to unlock some of our souls hidden mysteries. So in this blog I want to explain in my own words and with my own personal experience after three past life regressions myself, what I know, what I have learned and how it has serve me today to know whom I was in the past.

Lets begin by defining the specific meaning of PLR. It is  a technique that uses hypnosis to recover memories of past lives or incarnations. Past life regression is typically undertaken either in pursuit of a spiritual experience, or in psychotherapeutic setting. A past life regression involves the answering a series of questions while hypnotized to reveal identity and events of alleged past lives, a method similar to that used in recovery memory therapy. Let me tell you that during a PLR in my own experience, you are very aware of what you say and what you see and it can be highly emotional, as it was for me. Also, your subconscious has to be ready and willing to go back.  My personal experience was very enlightening, I understand myself, my whole present life up until now and moving forward so much better than ever before and really for the first time. See, when we don't fully understand our past, it can make a prison of our present. It is only when we take the time to look at and make peace with our past that we can be released into a present and a future of deep healing, connection and  spiritual expansion.

I will share with you why I decided to take that step and undergo 3 PLR's. Ever since I was little I always felt misunderstood, out of place, unbalanced, not quite sure of why I was "here". I lived years feeling this way and I knew something was missing but I could not pin point what it was. About twenty years ago I had my palm read and this lady told me a few things about my past life and one of my life's purposes today. Back then I was very young and did not believe in incarnations BUT what she told me that day felt so deep and true. I felt it deep inside my soul and it hurt in my heart & that's how I knew it was real. I became a believer that day and I remember it like it was "yesterday". I wish then I had undergone a PLR, it would have changed my life then. Better late than never! I am now where I need to be and I have never before felt more grounded, balanced and sure of myself & my life purpose here and now.

When I went for my fist PLR 3 years ago I brought a good friend of mine with me because I felt unsure as I did not really know what to expect. My experience, like I mentioned before was very enlightening and emotional but wow did it ever serve me well. It was amazing and I wanted to know more after my first session so I went for 2 more until everything I needed to know, heal and unlock, successfully was. I was able to not only completely understand  who I am now because of whom I was then but I was able to heal a relationship from my past with someone in this life. See, we come back with some of the same souls from other lives :). This is not always a good thing though, as we come back in different body, brain, sex, etc... but same old souls trying to fit in in a new world with new experiences and surroundings. I wrote blogs on soul relationships a few months ago but you can find all my blogs on here so scroll down to past blogs and I recommend you refer to those too. 

Why do we reincarnate? Well It is said that there are seven gates to Heaven and when we die our souls have to go through each gate and literally pass with flying colours all the life lessons we are here to learn and if our souls have not learned what we were sent here to learn, then we keep coming back. Some of us are new souls and some of us  are old souls. You have heard the saying "Life is a school" well it is! and we are here to Learn! When our souls "graduate" and we live a life on earth of wholeness, do the best we can to be the best that we can be. Think of others first, help, share, respect, NOT JUDGE! all those good things, then we are ready and we graduate from the school of life and our souls may rest in Heaven finally. This is how I understand it anyways..

When I took my Reiki training I was taught a technique for PLR which I adopted and I have used it on a few clients and friends. All of them had unique and enlightening experiences. If you have any questions or comments on this subject please comment on the box below and submit or email me anytime.