Make your everyday a Great Day!

These are my tips for making your everyday a great day! End your day by taking a relaxing bath, reading a few pages of your book, watching your fav TV show, attending a yoga class or home video, meditating.. whatever you like to do that relaxes you. The point is that you are relaxed before you fall asleep. Whether you choose to follow my tips or not, you know what you need to do for yourself  to have a great night sleep.

 Do not watch the news before bed time as the news are unfortunately upsetting for the most part and the last thing your mind needs is more upsets at this point. 

When you open your eyes in the morning say “good morning” to yourself and intend to have a great day ahead. One positive thought in the morning can change your whole day!

As you get ready for the day ahead, count your blessings, say thank you for your roof, your shower, your safe home, your transportation, electricity, your family and friends, all the good things in your life. Try your best to be your best.

Do not compare yourself to others or your life to the lives of others. We are all different and unique in our own way. We all want different things at different times. We all make decisions that we think are best for us and we have our own reasons. My point here and advice is whatever you do “do not judge” anyone under any circumstance! Let people be and then you will be free from judgement to love yourself more, because judgment is a disconnect from love. 

So, go to bed in peace, wake up feeling thankful, put a smile on your face and go seize the day.

If obstacles arise, try to push them aside by saying to yourself, there is another way, another idea, another plan. Remember when a door closes another one opens so look for that unopened door and let go of the one that closed on you. There is always always a way. 

I see it daily where people just go about the negatives in their life and do not give much thought to the positives.. I see people walking around with long faces, dragging their feet, complaining about this and that... Please know that You can change your train of thought so start now! Positive thoughts = Positive results make this a habit and smile more when you smile you make others smile as well and that is so healthy and needed nowadays. 

God bless!