Sharing is Caring

Hello readers! Thank you for reading my blogs, you inspire me :). Your comments are always welcomed and much appreciate it. You have heard this before many times " Sharing is caring" These are very powerful words. When we learn something that inspires us, enlightens us, teaches us, etc...Why would not we want to share this new knowledge? There are many people around us, that may just need to hear what we have to say. People don't usually ask this of us, but many times you will share something with a person and change their life, perhaps.

Many people are closed minded and closed minded people have a hard time, unfortunately, adapting to new ideas, new ways of life, even if for their own benefit. They just won't see it that way. Open minded people are great, they are open to grasp new ideas, new ways, these people will use what they learn to better themselves, their life. But, it doesn't matter who you come in contact with, what you know can be of good use to that person, or that person may share that with someone else and you have just starteda "chain of new knowledge." between people in and out of your circle. 

Doesn't this sound great?! You being a source of knowledge for those around you? When we share anything positive this can have great impact on someone. Sharing what you know will make you feel so good. I know I feel great when people tell me how something I did for them, said to them, made them feel, has made an impact in their day, their week, their life even. I feel so good that I want to keep on inspiring others. My blogs are one way in which I share my knowledge, my beliefs. Whenever I learn something that changes my life and makes me grow inside I make sure I share it. I hold workshops to share, starting May I will be leading weekly group healing sessions with meditation and tapping, I share. Make sure you email me for details and join me in my workshops and weekly sessions. I have a workshop coming up May 15th. on EFT Meridian Tapping, Reiki and Angel Therapy, and more techniques!

I have  wonderful people in my circle that were awesome enough to share wonderful tools with me. For these people I am greatful for. Because without me asking, without them having to take me under their wing, they gave me knowledge, they gave me what I needed to continue growing, learning, and these powerful tools they shared with me are helping me reach my goals. Knowledge is power. "We create or disintegrate". This blog is for everyone but specially for these earth angels that crossed my path and gave me the great gift of " sharing".

There is something I want to share with you now, about barriers of fear. Fear is the number one block in your life! It is an ugly emotion that keeps you from moving forward and living your life to the fullest! The way you were meant to live life. " Life begins at the end of your comfort zone". Get comfortable with your discomfort. I wrote a blog on Fear, please search for it on my FB business page or my website, it is so worth the read!

I can teach you and guide you on how to break through the barriers and blockages in your life. Contact me and together we will transform your life, yourself. Free yourself from these chains. Create and move forward!


Samantha- Reiki Master, EFT Meridian Tapping Certified