I thought I would share this information again on my website and with all of you readers as I find it very helpful and in all honesty it was not until I became an Alternative Medicine Practitioner that I became more  aware of this. I know you will find it helpful. 

In our body we hold many emotions as you know.... but the emotions that the front of our body and the back of our body holds are different. Same as right side of the body and left side, top and bottom hold different emotions.

~Front of our Body is our "social mask". It contains the emotional issues of daily life, love, sadness, joy, concern and so on. Heart ache is stored in the chest, between the ribs and inside of the shoulders. A lot of emotion is stored in the belly area AKA Solar Plexus.

~Back of the Body stores our unconscious thoughts and emotions. It's where we hide issues that we are NOT prepared to handle. It is our disposal area for all the things we do not want to acknowledge. A lot of fear and anger is stored between the shoulder blades, and along the spinal muscle on either side of the spine.

Now we are going to get into the YIN/YANG :).

~Right side of the Body is Masculine: rational, assertive, Yang, male aspects of character & holds anger.

~Left side of the Body is Feminine: Intuitive, receptive, passive, Yin, feminine aspects of character & holds sadness. The key here is to have our Yin/Yang equally balanced. There are breathing exercises to help us achieve this and also of course, alignment of our energy centres. Regular Reiki, Yoga practice can get us there :).

~Top and Bottom Body Division: Small top and large bottom finds difficulty in socializing, self assertion, taking action, expressing thoughts and ideas. 

~Large top and small bottom: Overdeveloped assertiveness, social, expressive, extroverted. Active personality and lack of strength and courage concerning stability and support.

~Limbs: allow as to move in space. Most active parts of the body in regard to the outside world.

~Torso: is the Core of the body! Very innactive regarding the outside world and it tends to be more reflective and focused on the self.

I hope you found this blog interesting and helpful. Please share your thoughts and comments below or email me with any questions you may have. My next blog will be on Body Wisdom.