Why we Sabotage Ourselves

Self sabotage is very common amongst humanity, but why? Why do we hurt ourselves? Why do we sabotage our mind with impure thoughts? Our body with self inflicting pain. We sabotage our chances of achieving our goals. Our relationships with drama, lies, disrespect and so on...And the most important relationship of all is the relationship with ourselves!

If you can understand one thing then understand this “Sabotage is lack of love” So when we practice any type of self sabotage is simply because we are not feeling worthy of love and we are feeling a lack of love for ourselves and perhaps from others. Lack is the feeling we need to understand and eliminate. 

There are endless ways we self sabotage; We sabotage career opportunities. We sabotage our body by neglecting it and inflicting pain. We sabotage our whole life and in so doing the people in your life are effected by it. 

Self sabotage is a cry for help. Someone might be hurting you. You keep this inside because you feel shame, worthless. But I will share with you something you need to know. The person who’s hurting you is an ignorant being. This individual is hurting within so much so that it needs to hurt others to feel somewhat alive. Is what this person knows to do in order to feel anything. This is very wrong but is also a cry for help. This is a learned behaviour and can be stopped so face your bully and protect yourself. Talk to someone you trust and believe that you are worthy of love. You are love. You have people that love you. 

Everybody acts according to their level of awareness. Knowledge is power and ignorance is lack of understanding and knowledge. When we sabotage our persona we are loosing in big ways. When we allow another to hurt us, we are loosing our power.

So, understand this, sabotage equals lack of love for oneself and others and from others. Feeling of unworthiness. Feeling that we must take control back into life and pain is the one thing that feels comfortable and in a way….. safe. We can control this pain and we feel in control. We might hurt ourselves because we anticipate pain from others so we might as well get used to it, at least when we do it we can stop at any time. Control. We sabotage relationships to stay safe and we sabotage our goals because we are afraid. Afraid to fail.

But I am telling you now that the love you seek is already within you. The awareness you need you can learn. That love and wholeness we all desire you can find in yourself. I will teach you a technique and show you ways to connect with your higher self and start loving YOU. 

You are Gods highest form of creation and you are not here to suffer. Learn your lessons, YES, for sure, but suffer… NO. So let me get you out of this sad and negative mindset you are being controlled by and show you a life that you can be in Iove with.

I became a Reiki practitioner because Reiki is love and I learned self love with Reiki. EFT is another wonderful healing method I use and the results are spectacular. 

I am here for you to help you get strong and grow in your own self-awareness. 

Thank you,

Samantha Cervino


Reiki- EFT & Personal Coaching- Published Self- Help Author