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BODY WISDOM- What you need to know

The body is an instrument of the mind

The body is an instrument, the mind its function, the witness and reward of its operation. George Santayana

I love these quotes because it is so true and yet how many people do not think of the body as an instrument of the mind? The body will always do, always, what the mind tells it to do. By shifting your mindset from negative to positive you can achieve great health!

In this blog I would like to share with you what each part of your body from the eyebrow to the neck, is “emotionally” responsible for.

The Brow area is the intuitive centre & emotional expression, meaning we move the eyebrows when we talk, creating different facial expressions. The showing of emotions has an influence on relationships.

The Forehead is our intellectual expression. This area is rubbed with the expression of thought.

The Eyes show how we see the world. Your perception, point of view, etc..

The Nose is related to the heart, sense of smell, sexual response, self recognition. Different scents affect your brain in different ways as well as your emotional wellbeing.

The Mouth is survival issues, how we take in nourishment, security and our capacity to take in new ideas. This is your way of verbal expression and communication.

The Jaw holds tension and always indicates a blockage in emotional and verbal communication expression.

The Face, expresses our personality and how we face the world.

The Ears our capacity to hear, to listen. They have acupuncture points for the whole body. What is it that you are unwilling to hear? Are you listening to your inner guidance?

The Throat holds communication issues. Are you telling the truth? Are you expressing your feelings? Are you being true to yourself? Are you holding back?

The Neck this is where thought and emotion come together. Stiffness in the neck is due to withheld statements, experience of stress and anxiety.

When you clear, activate, unblock, your chakras or energy centres you give way to clear energetic flow to come to and through you. Alleviating and reducing anxiety, stress, and giving you back the confidence and ability to freely express yourself! The benefits of energy healing are many. Reiki and EFT are two major techniques which I have used for years and I have many wonderful testimonials.

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Samantha Cervino

Body Wisdom Part 2


Welcome to my Body Wisdom Part 2 blog. There is  great information here that I am glad to share with you. Last blog I ended with the neck.. lets continue today with the rest of our body parts. Here it goes:

~ Shoulders: We all know when we stress we carry it on our shoulders (and back). You might feel as though your life is too stressful or that you put yourself last on your list of priorities. Woman in particular store  a lot here!

~ Chest: Our chest pays the price when we have relationship issues, heart/love emotions, respiration and circulation.. Also self esteem and feelings of worthlessness, suppressed emotions and feeling controlled by others.

~ Solar Plexus: Power issues, emotional control issues, power and wisdom centre.

~ Abdomen: This is our seat of emotions! Our deepest feelings sit here. Centre of sexuality and digestive system.

~ Genitals: Related to Root Chakra, survival issues, fear of life.

~ Arms and hands: Are extensions of the heart centre, expresses love and emotion.

~ Upper arm: Strength to act, fear of being discouraged. Elbow, connects the strength of the upper arm to the action of the forearm.

~ Hands: Right hand is  associated with giving and receiving. Left hand and the details of life represents holding onto reality, reaching goals, fear of action. What issues can you not handle?

~ Back: Is where we store all our unconscious emotions and excess tension. Associated with stored anger and resentment, as well as money issues. Upper back we store anger. Lower back, man in particular store a lot here due to the storing of emotions in the belly.

~Gluteus muscles: Holding in emotions- not releasing and letting go, anal blockage.

~ Thigh: Personal strength, trust in your own abilities.

~ Knees: Fear of death and fear of death of old self or ego. Fear of change. 

~ Lower leg: Enables movement toward goals, fear of action. Ankles create balance. Do you need to change direction? Is your life unbalanced?

~ Feet: Associated with security and survival, connected with reading our goals and completing tasks, fear of taking the next step and feeling grounded.

Pretty interesting I'd say! Knowing this helps you get to know your body at a deeper level and understand it more now. Pay attention to what your body tries to tell you and keep an open mind when to comes to ways to heal your body. Alcohol and drugs are not the answer and it blocks you way more! I am here to help you and guide you. Do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. I am glad to help in any way I can.