I have been thinking of having a mini Reiki night once a month. An introduction to Reiki and it's benefits for those new to Reiki and those familiar with the practice. These sessions will be 30 minutes long and enough for you to feel all the benefits. Reduce your anxiety, stress, pain, in 30 minutes. Amazing, I know! But true and it does work. 

I love the practice so much that I want you to experience it for yourself. Also, understanding that for a lot of you the economy right now is not ideal and spending money might not be something you want to do even though this is for your own personal benefit.

Every 19th of each month from 6:30-8:00pm for only $30.00! Receive the benefits of this amazing practice. 

When you book your session call me and ask for the mini Reiki intro session. New and existing clients are welcomed to take advantage of this offer! 

For more information on Reiki and all its benefits please visit my website.


Samantha- Reiki Master

Chakras & Intimacy Part 2


This is part 2 of my last blog on here. It is really a re-cap of all my previous blogs on the seven main chakras, which you will find on this website.

Here is a review of our next chakras starting with our 4th energy centre also known as Anahata or Heart Chakra :). It's colour is green. It is located where the heart is. It concerns all issues involving relationships and love. Intimacy type is social.

Our 5th chakra is our Throat chakra also known as Visuddha, which means specially pure. It's colour is blue. It is located where the throat is, thyroid, neck, mouth, jaw. It concerns all communication issues, including listening, speaking, offering guidance, truth. Intimacy type is verbal. This one is to me a very important one. 

Our 6th chakra is our Third Eye, or Ajna, which means command and is considered the eye of intuition and intellect. It is located between the eyebrows, forehead, eyes. It is colour indigo. It concerns sight, inner vision, strategy, self image, long-range goals. Intimacy type is visual.

Our last but not least is our Crown chakra or Sahasrara. It is colour  violet. Located at the crown of the head. The gift of this chakra is experiencing unity and the selfless realization that everything is connected at a fundamental level. It concerns consciousness, spiritual purpose and destiny, contact with spiritual realm :). 

This is the end of this re-cap. You can find more detailed information on each of your chakras on my website. How to unblock your chakras by practicing Reiki, Yoga, Bio energy. If you have any further questions or comments please let me know. For Reiki Healing and clearing yourself and your energy centres call me for a consultation and to start your healing :).