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BODY WISDOM- What you need to know

The body is an instrument of the mind

The body is an instrument, the mind its function, the witness and reward of its operation. George Santayana

I love these quotes because it is so true and yet how many people do not think of the body as an instrument of the mind? The body will always do, always, what the mind tells it to do. By shifting your mindset from negative to positive you can achieve great health!

In this blog I would like to share with you what each part of your body from the eyebrow to the neck, is “emotionally” responsible for.

The Brow area is the intuitive centre & emotional expression, meaning we move the eyebrows when we talk, creating different facial expressions. The showing of emotions has an influence on relationships.

The Forehead is our intellectual expression. This area is rubbed with the expression of thought.

The Eyes show how we see the world. Your perception, point of view, etc..

The Nose is related to the heart, sense of smell, sexual response, self recognition. Different scents affect your brain in different ways as well as your emotional wellbeing.

The Mouth is survival issues, how we take in nourishment, security and our capacity to take in new ideas. This is your way of verbal expression and communication.

The Jaw holds tension and always indicates a blockage in emotional and verbal communication expression.

The Face, expresses our personality and how we face the world.

The Ears our capacity to hear, to listen. They have acupuncture points for the whole body. What is it that you are unwilling to hear? Are you listening to your inner guidance?

The Throat holds communication issues. Are you telling the truth? Are you expressing your feelings? Are you being true to yourself? Are you holding back?

The Neck this is where thought and emotion come together. Stiffness in the neck is due to withheld statements, experience of stress and anxiety.

When you clear, activate, unblock, your chakras or energy centres you give way to clear energetic flow to come to and through you. Alleviating and reducing anxiety, stress, and giving you back the confidence and ability to freely express yourself! The benefits of energy healing are many. Reiki and EFT are two major techniques which I have used for years and I have many wonderful testimonials.

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My "Secret" to Being Happy Everyday

Samantha- sending you love and positive vibes 

Samantha- sending you love and positive vibes 

     I often get asked this question : " How come you are always happy?" The truth is, it was not until I started investing in myself that I became aware of the fact that I have intellectual faculties that I did not know how to use properly. Shocking? but true. It wasn't until I met my mentor Bob Proctor and heard him talk and teach me about Intellectual Factors we all posses, that I knew what that even meant!

     Do you know you have intellectual faculties? Do you know what they are? Let me tell you. Your intuition, your imagination, your memory, your reason, your perception and your will. We all have them just we do not know how to use them properly to our advantage. 

     It came a day when I decided that enough was enough and I made a decision to get out of my comfort zone and go from living in conformity to living in awareness and abundance. What do I mean by that? Let me tell you. I was very comfortable in my own environment yet felt like something big was missing. Like a hole in my being. I knew I was missing something and could not at that point in my life figure out what it was.

     I decided then to star investing in myself. How? By reading books that taught me how to self- develop more and become more self aware. I started studying material with others in the same mind frame as I was. People that also wanted to tap into their endless potential. I became a master in my energy healing practices and learned more about human emotions and the human mind. I learned how to manage my daily activities, so my time is not wasted. I started to set goals for myself. I attended seminars and really paid attention to my life, my needs, my wants and my desires. 

     It took time, discipline and commitment to change my life and whom I was as an "unaware" woman to the woman I am today. I am proud of myself for having achieved all that I have achieved so far and I am not done yet. I continue to study, read and in contact with people in the same mind frame as I am. Pay attention I keep saying "same mind frame" or "like minded people" because this is so important when you want to improve yourself and go from living in your comfort zone bubble to living in freedom. 

     What I learned and continue to learn I share with you and my clients I am blessed with. That is why I put together my Health & Wisdom Program to help you! In this program you heal, you understand yourself, your feelings and your emotions, how these are affecting your life and physical body and much more. I took the key things that did it for me and in a simple 9 week program I am sharing all this with you and this knowledge will change your life as it changed mine.

     So the answer to my "daily happiness" is that I made a decision to change things for myself. I am now self aware. I am grateful everyday for the things I have and the positive people in my life, my mentors, my family, my friends. I have goals and use my time wisely. I am disciplined with my time and activities. I avoid what doesn't serve me and surround myself with what does.

      So, if you want to be happy everyday and have self success... it starts with you. Make the decision and do it now! Please contact me if you any questions and need some guidance. I am here to serve you. Like and share my blog because someone you may know could benefit from this. Use this form below for any questions or comments you may have and check my services here on the link below.

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June Newsletter & Great Updates



     I have some pretty exciting things to share with you this month. Let me tell you what I have been up to these past few weeks. If you follow me on social media you know I have been keeping up with my live videos, motivational quotes and sharing great insights. But also, I have been busy studying, writing and creating!

     As you may know, I wrote a Gratitude Affirmations e-Book for you. To teach you about this wonderful and very positive practice and show you how to properly write your gratitude lists! If you have not yet downloaded this book, do it now by clicking on this link below :)

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Body WISDOM Part 1


My last blog on here was about where in our body we hold our emotions. Today I am going to tell you what each part of our body is "responsible" for, starting with the brow.

Brow: Intuitive centre, emotional expression

Forehead: Intellectual expression

Eyes: Show how we see the world

Nose: Related to the heart, sense and smell- sexual response, self recognition

Mouth: Survival issues, how we taken nourishment- security, capacity to take in new ideas

Jaw: Tension, indicates blockage of emotional and verbal communication 

Face: Expresses our personality, shows how we face the world

Ears: Capacity to hear, have acupuncture points for the whole body. What is riot you are unwilling to hear? Are you listening to your inner guidance?

Throat: Communication issues. Are you telling the truth? Are you expressing your feelings?

Neck: Thought and emotion come together, stiffness is is due to withheld statements

This is all great information and also how each of our chakras gets affected, blocked :(. Reiki  is a great way to unblock, clear and open up all your energy centres so you don't have these issues ;)!

This is only a few body parts and I will continue on the rest of all the body parts very soon. Stay tuned for Body Wisdom Part 2!


Chakras, Body and Brain

Hello! Today I want to talk about how our consciousness reflects the state of our chakras. Our chakras are activated according to what we focus on the most. Many people spend most of their time activating the 1st, 2nd & 3rd chakra, ( refer to prior blogs). We live in a society very materialistic, sex, money and other material things are pretty big and important to our society, to many people. This mind set leaves us in an unbalanced state of being while also contributing to an unhealthy cultural and natural environment.

Chakras have a direct relationship with our nervous system, the system that controls basic life functions like, respiration, circulation and digestion. Blockages or imbalances in the energy of the chakras are reflected in the types and levels of hormones released by the endocrine system. Pain or problems  in a particular area of our body are transmitted to the corresponding chakra., for e.g., digestive organs are connected to the second chakra... and so forth. FULL activation of the chakra system is very important not only for us as individuals but for human society as well. When we activate the fourth through seventh chakras we will stimulate and awaken higher consciousness/knowledge of human existence, consisting of wisdom, love, insight, etc..

Chakras may be activated one by one or as a whole system. Once activated, the chakras will stimulate the associated area of the brain, for e.g., the 4th or Heart chakra will generate emotions and the 3rd or Solar Plexus will generate a strong sense of the self. 

Reiki is great for healing our chakras, clearing, unblocking and balancing. I have treated clients with chronic pain like migraines, emotional pain, distress and sleeping disorders. There are reasons why our bodies suffer but we can avoid the pain by taking care of the root of the problem. 

 Feel free to contact me with further questions or If there is a specific topic you would like me to discuss on my next blog. In the meantime please visit the website to review prior blogs, information on Reiki Helaing and how it can you and to make an appointment.



Information Inspired by Healing Chakras by Ilchi Lee