BODY WISDOM- What you need to know

The body is an instrument of the mind

The body is an instrument, the mind its function, the witness and reward of its operation. George Santayana

I love these quotes because it is so true and yet how many people do not think of the body as an instrument of the mind? The body will always do, always, what the mind tells it to do. By shifting your mindset from negative to positive you can achieve great health!

In this blog I would like to share with you what each part of your body from the eyebrow to the neck, is “emotionally” responsible for.

The Brow area is the intuitive centre & emotional expression, meaning we move the eyebrows when we talk, creating different facial expressions. The showing of emotions has an influence on relationships.

The Forehead is our intellectual expression. This area is rubbed with the expression of thought.

The Eyes show how we see the world. Your perception, point of view, etc..

The Nose is related to the heart, sense of smell, sexual response, self recognition. Different scents affect your brain in different ways as well as your emotional wellbeing.

The Mouth is survival issues, how we take in nourishment, security and our capacity to take in new ideas. This is your way of verbal expression and communication.

The Jaw holds tension and always indicates a blockage in emotional and verbal communication expression.

The Face, expresses our personality and how we face the world.

The Ears our capacity to hear, to listen. They have acupuncture points for the whole body. What is it that you are unwilling to hear? Are you listening to your inner guidance?

The Throat holds communication issues. Are you telling the truth? Are you expressing your feelings? Are you being true to yourself? Are you holding back?

The Neck this is where thought and emotion come together. Stiffness in the neck is due to withheld statements, experience of stress and anxiety.

When you clear, activate, unblock, your chakras or energy centres you give way to clear energetic flow to come to and through you. Alleviating and reducing anxiety, stress, and giving you back the confidence and ability to freely express yourself! The benefits of energy healing are many. Reiki and EFT are two major techniques which I have used for years and I have many wonderful testimonials.

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Thank you,

Samantha Cervino

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Emotional Energy Centers of the Body


Lets begin this blog by revisiting Yin/Yang. Lets divide our body in two, the left side is the Yin, our feminine side & the right side is the Yang, our masculine side. Yin is our feelings & Yang is our logic. How important do you think it is to have Yin/Yang well clear and balanced? Very!

When we go through difficult situations in life like a break up, death of a loved one, loss of something meaningful to us, for e.g., We tend to react, in different ways of course trying to deal with the pain. Some of us vent and confide in a trusted friend or shrink. Some of us hold it in, hide it inside, lock it away and throw away the key. Some of us may turn to drinking or other addictions to numb the pain. Others turn to working out, which is great for releasing the stress, BUT does not heal the root of the problem, the emotion. Others turn to their work making work their only and very first priority in life. BUT what we must understand and learn now is that when we do these things, react in these ways, we are NOT healing the emotion! We are NOT healing the emotions that will sit on our energy centers causing us more pain and illnesses.

So lets see which emotions sit where and some of the side effects you will feel as a result of not healing the emotion.

Throat center is our communication center. Right to speak and be heard. When blocked/hurt, we will experience lack of trust, self expression issues, lack of nurturing, to name a few.. Also Thyroid problems.

Heart center is our social identity, the right to be loved and love. We may feel grief, sadness, loss, sorrow, lack of love and many more negative feelings. 

Fear center is our power center, ego identity, right to act. We hold fears and phobias here. We feel loss of control. Fear of losing control. The big “R”, Relationships. Abusive authority. Imbalance of power in a relationship. All this baggage will cause all kinds of health issues and chronic fatigue. Liver and spleen issues.

Then we have the Old Stuff center. Family sexual issues and creative center. Is our emotional identity, our right to Feel. Childhood conditioning. Violation of the body and personal space. Something done to us, taken away from us. Molestation, abuse, rape.  Trapped emotions in this area can cause problems in the gut, digestion and affect the female cycle. Unresolved emotions will set like cement here. We can get hip and spine problems as well.

Last is our Survival center, physical identity, our right to have. When blocked we feel weak, like we will not survive a life threatening incident. We have survival issues, violations related to surviving like accidents, abuse, rape. Impotence, frigidity. Feeling of abandonment, self rejection, judgement by others, self betrayal, betrayal by someone trusted, pain in the heart.

Problems with right side legs/knees/ankles can reflect feelings of lack of support in career, finances. Can also be a way of showing you to take stock of the situation. Problems with left side legs/knees/ankles can reflect feelings of lack of emotional support. Old injuries that still cause pain are due to unresolved emotional stuff and can be evident for years!

Please start healing your emotions deep within.



Where we Hold our Emotions


I thought I would share this information on my website as I find it very helpful and in all honesty it was not until I became a Reiki Practitioner that I became more  aware of this. I know you will find it helpful. 

In our body we hold many emotions as you know.... but the emotions that the front of our body and the back of our body holds are different. Same as right side of the body and left side, top and bottom hold different emotions.

~Front of our Body is our "social mask". It contains the emotional issues of daily life, love, sadness, joy, concern and so on. Heart ache is stored in the chest, between the ribs and inside of the shoulders. A lot of emotion is stored in the belly area AKA Solar Plexus.

~Back of the Body stores our unconscious thoughts and emotions. It's where we hide issues that we are NOT prepared to handle. It is our disposal area for all the things we do not want to acknowledge. A lot of fear and anger is stored between the shoulder blades, and along the spinal muscle on either side of the spine.

Now we are going to get into the YIN/YANG :).

~Right side of the Body is Masculine: rational, assertive, Yang, male aspects of character & holds anger.

~Left side of the Body is Feminine: Intuitive, receptive, passive, Yin, feminine aspects of character & holds sadness. The key here is to have our Yin/Yang equally balanced. There are breathing exercises to help us achieve this and also of course, alignment of our energy centres. Regular Reiki, Yoga practice can get us there :).

~Top and Bottom Body Division: Small top and large bottom finds difficulty in socializing, self assertion, taking action, expressing thoughts and ideas. 

~Large top and small bottom: Overdeveloped assertiveness, social, expressive, extroverted. Active personality and lack of strength and courage concerning stability and support.

~Limbs: allow as to move in space. Most active parts of the body in regard to the outside world.

~Torso: is the Core of the body! Very innactive regarding the outside world and it tends to be more reflective and focused on the self.

I hope you found this blog interesting and helpful. Please share your thoughts and comments below or email me with any questions you may have. My next blog will be on Body Wisdom.




Twin Flame Relationships

“For some people, the point of no return begins at the very moment their souls become aware of each other’s existence”.
— C. JoyBell C

Hello all! I am excited to blog about this today and as promised this is a continuation of my last blog, "Soul Relationships". 

Twin Relationship happens when two people that have gone through the same things, come together. These two are like two peas in a pod! Joined at the hip.  Although very different  personalties and often opposites when these two souls meet there is a pull between them that surpass logic. They unite and stay together... forever..

Here is a couple of reasons why there are Twin Relationships: 1- Past life involvement. This is when two souls depended on each other for survival during one life and believe they will need each other again in this life..( not necessarily true). 2- Between life bonds. This is when for example, if a prior life ended unexpectedly, our soul might bond to that of someone whom died at the same time. These two souls will stay together until its time to incarnate and will promise to meet up again  to keep each other safe. 3- Projections from our family of origin. Lets say in a past life as a child you experienced danger and the imprint of your parents so intense that you feel you need to find a partner who's just like your most abusive parent or contrarily similar to your safest parent in order to have a chance to resolve the deep conflict and heal the wounds. Make sense? 

These relationships are major DRAMA! but you feel incomplete without the other soul. Have you ever met anyone who married the same person more than twice? Or people that are a couple, can't live apart, stay together for survival YET they are the worst most unhealthy match? Or theres is the person who will follow a negative pattern when looking for a partner in order to fix the abusive behaviour and heal in this life...(very sad but happens).

There are ways that in this life you can break the chains from a past life. We have the choice to explore options, experience and get help if we need to. We can start new. Leave the past and old habits where they belong.

There are reasons why we meet, bond, share our life with lots of different people. These people are ones that crossed our path and left a mark. Our family we are born into. Our extended family of choice, our friends. The people we love and need to make our life complete. The souls we need to better ourselves and to do the same for them. They make our big circle of life.



Inspired by book Beyond Soulmates by Cyndi Dale

Soul Relationships

Hello readers!

Since I wrote priviously about Soulmates and Karma, today I want to talk about one of the types of soul relationships because there are three: 1~ Cosmic Relationship, 2~ Twin Flame Relationship and 3~ Companion Relationship. Our Karma ties in with this as well.

If you are are believer you will love these blogs. If you are open minded and often wonder about people in your life, this will then enlighten you and If you are neither here nor there with the topic then I sure hope you still find it interesting!

The true nature of Karma's that we keep repeating the past until we get what was wrong, right. We often do this with the same people, (from out past lives) and well.. this is how past lives and Karma connect... and I will start with Cosmic relationships.

Remember that your soul has had many lives before and it comes back with the same souls as before as per pre arranged soul to soul agreements. Therefore almost everyone in your life is a soul partner. People with whom you have a soul to soul connection. These partnerships  can range from irritating  to very satisfying. In the romantic sphere though, soul relationships can be destructive, unhealthy.. On the positive side our soul relationships offer many opportunities for growth, ways to expand our consciousness and a million karmic lessons.

A Cosmic Relationship hits you unaware. To be in their presence feels so amazing you want to stay there forever.. until well... you start to feel the burn..these relationships you feel are going to last forever, don't last. How do you know if you are or have been in a Cosmic Relationships? Here you go: 1~ there is an irresistible sexual attraction, 2~ You feel like you recognize the person and must approach each other, 3~You believe "this is it" and forever will be....4~ You both feel a magnetic pull, 5~You feel you can't live without this person, 6~ This person is all you think about, 7~ You ignore your intuition and ignore the signs that tell you this wont last. Feels like or it is Infatuation at its best!

Cosmic Relationships relate to the 1st Chakra, ( pls refer to my blog on Root Chakra) which is located in the hip area and is the most physical one! A Cosmic Relationship is not healthy at least not at first, because it focuses only on the 1st chakra. It is important to keep a healthy Root Chakra. What we do get out of a Root Chakra relationship is access to the life energy that gets us and keeps us going. But, this type of relationship is heavily focused on sex, money, materialism. It lacks the friendship, emotional connection, spiritual unity, the compassion and kindness needed to make a relationship work and survive...

While a Cosmic Relationship is pretty much about sex, it does have a higher purpose...When this relationships show up in your life is because you are ready to awaken your first chakra. Most Cosmic relationships break down as soon as both participants reach exhaustion. This feeling indicates that the purpose of the relationship has succeeded.

This is the end of this blog and I hope you loved reading it as much as I did writing it. Next blog will be on "Twin Flame Relationships", stay tuned.



Inspired by a book I am reading: Beyond Soulmates by Cindy Dale