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Insights and Inspirations: What Core Beliefs Do You Have about Life?

We all have those personal affirmations or rock-solid core beliefs that mean something significant to us.

They keep us going, raise us up, keep us grounded, and give us strength. What one thing do you tell yourself or what is your core belief that inspires you, gives you courage, and/or lifts you up, that you wish to share with someone else?

We asked some of our WU World-Changers what core beliefs do they have, and what keeps them going each day, and we received some really inspiring answers! Read what they had to say, below.

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“What core beliefs keep me going? One simple thing… FAITH!

No matter what my challenges have been throughout my life, Faith keeps me going. Sure, I may struggle at times and my faith may falter, but it is always there, waiting for me. My faith gives me the wisdom to know that things will always turn out and that God has my back no matter what.

Faith is the ability to believe without seeing. You can’t actually ‘see’ Love, yet you know it exists simply because you have felt it.

Seeing isn’t always believing, sometimes you just have to ‘feel’ something to know that it exists.”

– Kim Bayne

Reiki Master, and Coach

“Life is beautiful and it’s what we make of it.

Two things I rely on every day that uplifts me and keeps me going are an attitude of gratitude and affirmations. They keep me grounded and in the present moment.

I give thanks to God/Universe/Divine power for all the things I have and the people around me that add love and joy to my life. This keeps me positive and appreciative of my present circumstances. It keeps me connected to God, the source of supply, and this helps me keep my mind from wandering off into negative thoughts like doubt and fear that bring me down.

I lived in doubt and fear with self-limiting beliefs for many years. It wasn’t until I recognized that I was disconnected from God that I understood my problem. When I started being grateful and appreciating myself and my life, that is when everything started to shift from ‘negative to positive.’ I reconnected with the Universe and my life changed. I began living through faith and love, and I also learned to love myself.”

– Samantha Cervino

WU Ambassador, Energy Healer, Coach, and Writer

“The one thing that keeps me going is my faith in God. Trusting and knowing that He has a wonderful future already planned out for me and is guiding my steps to stay on course. I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason and it always works out for good and God’s glory. My faith keeps me grounded, keeps me strong, and snaps me out of self-pity to focus on being thankful for all the blessings I already have in my life.”

– Rachael Taylor

Illustrator, Writer, and Pilates Instructor

“The core belief that keeps me going is knowing that ‘The Universe Always has My Back.’ Whenever I doubt myself, start to worry or go down the proverbial ‘rabbit hole,’ I have to stop, take a deep breath, and then remind myself that Universe is always there for me. I just need to make a different choice and allow myself to get out of my own way. No matter how challenging I think things are, when I try to ‘figure it out myself,’ I end up creating more of a mess than if I just let it be and handed it over to the Universe.

I remember a time when I was going through a major bump in the road. I sat in my kitchen with my hands raised to the sky and said, ‘are you even listening to me, I keep asking and I feel as if you are not hearing me.’ The next thing I noticed as I was looking out the kitchen window was something dropping from the sky and landing on the pavement outside the window. I sheepishly went outside. What had fallen from the sky was a Raven’s Wing, fully intact with its feathers. I looked up, there were no trees above where this had dropped. I humbly returned to my kitchen and sat down, and immediately heard the roar of laughter from spirit. Yes, indeed, they were hearing me and validated this in a very dramatic way. I got it, and I thanked them.

My takeaway from this is that even though we cannot see the physical evidence of the universe’s presence at times, it is there, and it has a great sense of humor.”

– Dr. Dolores Fazzino, DNP, RN

Nurse Practitioner, Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, Speaker and Author

“I believe we are all blessed children of the Divine. I believe we are here to live a life of joy. I believe that we are surrounded, protected, and unconditionally loved by divine forces, who delight in us all of the time. I believe we are here to co-create a life which brings us love, joy, peace, well-being, and wonder. Knowing that I am loved unconditionally keeps me going, it makes me braver knowing that I cannot ‘get it wrong,’ and a different turn on my life path is an opportunity to learn.”

– Janette Stuart

Emissary of Joy at Angel Angles and Well-Being and Wonder – WU Ambassador, Moderator and Core Blogger

“LIFE is truly extraordinary!

Many people think of LIFE as something they have or is ‘theirs.’ However, life is not something you can have or claim ownership of, because it isn’t a thing and it doesn’t belong to you – YOU ARE LIFE. Once I realized this for myself, an appreciation for everything arose within me. My new belief transformed my entire view of life, and my personal experience of it.

Instead of feeling threatened and needing to protect myself, a deep inner peace constantly reminds me that I’m always connected and inseparable from the one Life/Source/Consciousness. I no longer need to do anything in my life to feel fulfilled, because I’m already a beautiful expression of life itself. I also use the following affirmations for inspiration: ‘Life is not a struggle, it’s a blessing.’ ‘You can be completely free in this world if you are free of this world.’”

– Gus Southey

Law of Attraction Coach and Energy Healer

“Life is perfect despite evidence to the contrary. It is everything we want, everything we don’t want, yet everything we need. Life is everything we make it and everything it makes us.”

 Jim Phillips

L.I.F.E. Strategist, Author, Blogger and Transpirational Speaker

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MIRACLES- Milagros

There are only two ways to live your life, One is as though nothing is a Miracle & the other is as though everything is a Miracle :)
— Albert Einstein

     Mr. Einstein was a very wise man. He not only developed the theory of relativity and won the Nobel Prize in Physics but he shared a lot of wonderful insights and quotes with us. The one above is one of my favourites and also what inspired this blog. Miracles are everywhere. Miracles are God's way to show us that He is everywhere and we are never alone!

     I will tell you that It is much easier and rewarding  to Live your life as if everyday is a miracle, because it is. See miracles in nature, in a helpful hand when you least expect it, in a strangers smile or a friends smile, or in children smiles that brighten up your day. See the miracle that is You. The miracle of life. Look at the sky, the clouds, the rain, the animals, the plants, trees, flowers... pay attention and see the miracles that surround you everywhere, everyday. 

     Be grateful you can appreciate these miracles of life. Feel alive and connected to it all. I take nature walks daily. I look for places to walk where there is no traffic, but many trees, bushes and flowers. I allow myself to connect fully with nature and I feel very grateful to be able to enjoy this experience and take it all in. I observe the trees, the different colours on the leaves, I touch them and feel them, that's one way I connect with the earth. When I feel I need to clear my head and get guidance from above I usually get insights in these nature walks; because I allow myself to feel nature around me.

     I love water, the oceans, the lakes and the rivers.. so, I sometimes get the urge to just be by the water and I will get in my vehicle, open all the windows and the sunroof allowing the wind to hit my face and mess up my hair as I drive toward a large body of water and I sit there looking at it, meditating, lost in thought. I just admire nature and I wait to feel and know what is next for me. 

     I love children specially my own child. My son is my pride and joy and I am so thankful to be his mom. I also work with children and I enjoy being in their presence. They teach me, for I allow myself to see the world through their eyes. We all have an inner child, it is so important to live this life through our inner child's eye sometimes. Pay attention, you might learn a thing or two. 

     This is how I experience my daily miracles. I experience happiness within and I allow it to shine through. I learned that balance in life is key. I learned that a smile can change someone's day. I learned that when you give freely the Universe always gives you back. I learned that to believe is to see. I learned to believe in Miracles.


Reiki Master, EFT Pract, Coach & Writer


I happen to work with some pretty amazing people and every year as a community we organize drives to help people in need. There are so many organizations that need our help and we are involved in many. I want to share two Advent reflections on this blog that were shared with me by people at schools in my community. Here is the first one:

"What Are You Asking for This Christmas?"  by Joyce Rupp

Instead of focusing on material presents, let us request from the Heart of the Holy what most strengthens our souls and enlivens our love. This Christmas I ask for:

Hope, the north star in my soul, that it may always point me toward the Light of the World.

Stillness, to sweep through my restless mind, emptying it of the cluttered debris and floating negativity.

Non-violence, that every thought, word, deed and desire flow gently from me like a brook caressing unmovable stones.

 Savoring ,to remember with gratefulness moments of beauty and people's goodwill that prompted gladness.

 Other-Centeredness, for the tightly held part of self that ignores, denies or refuses to respond to the plight of others.

Laughter, to retain the sprightly dance of joy amid the endless duties, preparations, chores, and responsibilities.

Perspective, for an inner vision that views each difficult person or situation through the wide lens of kindness.

 Solace, to recognize, welcome and embrace what yearns for attention and comfort in the sanctuary of my soul.

Surprise, so the celebration of Christmas rekindles awe and gratitude for the Source of All Love, and influences how I live.

Beautiful isn't it? I was so filled with joy when I read what Mrs. Rupp wrote that I wanted to share it on my blog so you can read it too and reflect. Here is the other story I chose to share with you.

Every year at one of our District's High School, the Social Justice Student Club organizes a Christmas Food Hamper Drive for families-in-need within our school community. In light of our tough economic downturn, the financial stress endured by many of our low-income families has intensified. There has been an overwhelming request for over 100 hampers - the highest number to date! Some of these families are quite large and require multiple hampers. One family in particular has 11 children (including newborn twins) and a single mother working part-time. For many of us, this sort of struggle is unimaginable.  

 Sometimes this stress manifests itself in our classrooms, as evidenced by a student’s attitude, energy level, and academic performance. The impact of such burdens may be internalized and ignored, and those teenagers go about their day as if everything is fine. Our administrators, teachers, guidance team, resource workers, and support/caretaking staff demonstrate deep compassion by advocating for those students who put on a brave face and hide in the shadows.   

 Collecting enough non-perishable food items, toiletries, and baby supplies is always a challenge, but despite the “tightening-of-belts” within many of our own households, there has been a tremendous outpouring of support.

 Staff members, former staff, and other schools continue to make personal contributions, solicit donations over social media, and reach out to family members, friends and businesses. There have been anonymous cash donors and even a complete stranger in line at a store handed over a $20 bill to help purchase a teacher’s hamper items! Most notably, our students - many of whom face some degree of financial tension at home - have recognized their blessings and offered food from their own pantries.

 Thanks to the Calgary Catholic district staff’s generosity and good will, many of our students will have a much brighter Christmas season.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this beautiful Community and all I can say is thank you to all the people that help families in need and organize drives so we/ I can help as well. There are so many earth Angels out there and I feel I am surrounded by many and for that I say Thank You God :)I wish you all a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year 2017!








Fear & Codependency


I decided to write this blog  because on my last blog tilted ” People we meet, Coincidence or Fate” I said I would write a blog on fear and also I had a conversation with a group of ladies and the topic of codependency and fear came up and because I don’t wanna loose my words I’m writing now ;).

We need to understand that Fear is an emotion that causes us pain and threat. I am a spiritual woman so when I feel fear, what that tells me is that I have separated from spirit. Fear is a physical emotion not a spiritual one.

Codependency is an excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner. When you are codependent and rely on someone else this puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your relationship, any relationship, does not have to be a romantic one. You need be able to stand on your two feet. Know that you can!

All of us have felt fear and codependency and millions of people still live controlled by these two strong emotions. To learn how to break free from these chains first we must acknowledge that we are in fact fearful and codependent.  It takes a lot of courage, effort, practice, strength and ultimately and most importantly faith! to acknowledge and free ourselves from this way of life. It is easier said than done for sure.

Let me tell you though, when you finally FREE yourself from fear and codependency it is a totally different life you live. You begin to feel at peace with yourself, more relaxed, happier, sure of yourself, more positive, stronger, you gain self esteem, self respect, confidence, to name a few.

After many years I learned that fear blocked me and stopped me from doing a lot of things when I was younger…. If I had known then what I know now. But my life has been full of ups and downs and lessons and many blessings. I have learned a lot and I have used it to make me a better woman today. Because of my life and my past and the lessons I have learned, I am who I am today and I would not change it for anything. I am in a great place with myself.  I have kicked fear off and I learned not to be codependent. I have finally freed myself and you can do it too!

Many people both man and woman are codependent and afraid of change, any change. Many people choose to live miserably because of fear and codependency. I am here to tell you that no one has to live unhappily ever after. Change is great! and many times just the medicine we need.

If you need to talk more about this or if you would like to ask me any more questions or you are simply looking for  guidance. I am happy to help. I hope this blog is useful to you and helps inspire you.



Coincidence or Fate?



When we meet people we sometimes wonder why they come into our life... I know I do. This blog is tied to my last blog on here, there is so much material on this I love it. I can just write write and keep on writing! I believe in fate. I believe that when people cross our paths is for a reason which sometimes we don't know right away. Some people stay in our life for a long time and others we meet for a few minutes and they are gone. I can guarantee if you look deeper you can see and realize why. 

We learn from these people, sometimes great lessons that makes us happy and help us grow. Other times the lessons and experiences we learn are not so great and other times people show up to "mirror" so we can see with our own eyes, what it is  we should be looking for or going after... if that makes sense to you all. We all have those WTH moments after meeting some people, but at the end we find out the reason behind it. My hope is that we all learn from these life lessons through these people, as they can and do strengthen us, enlighten us, makes us wiser.

My personal experience and this is how I'm tying this blog to my last blog :). I met this lady who introduced me and gave me access to Gabby Bernstein digital Spirit Junkie Master course! I did not know about this course and I, at the moment could not afford this course and I told her so. She said to me " Sam, I will give you access to this course so you can learn, get inspired and take what you need from it". "You will love it, you will love Gabby" were her words to me.  I was wowed by her generosity to share this with me as not many people would do this for someone they barely know on a personal level. She reads my blogs, knows about my spiritual work, my faith and beliefs and has faith in me, that's why she did it. This lady is amazing in my books and I owe her because I am enjoying this digital course, I get more inspired, more knowledgable, enlightened.  Meeting her~ my fate.

Gabby talks about John of God, please google him. I have been wanting to learn more about him and even has crossed my mind to meet him and live this experience Gabby talks about first hand.  I went to the Body, Soul, Spirit expo last Sunday and whom do I meet? Gail Thackray, Medium, Reiki Master, Author, TV star! She knows John of God, wrote a book on the experience and I now I know how to contact and can communicate with Gail, attend other workshops led by Gail and fly to meet John of God with Gail and others when I am ready and able to. Coincidence? Nope this is Fate!

I am a spirit junkie. I am loving and embracing this path I am on. I want more of it. I want to share with you what I learn, inspire you and guide you, because I can and It fulfills me to do so, to serve you. 

I hope you trust your instinct~ believe in yourself~ shine your light! we are all stars~ when you fall get up and keep going~ have faith and smile~

Life is beautiful, and when you meet special people let them know what they mean to you. Don't let fear stop you from giving anyone a beautiful compliment or telling them how they have touched and changed your life. Fear is our worst enemy, blocks us. I will blog on Fear soon.




My Spiritual side and meeting with Gail Thackray!


I have written a few blogs on here but I have not blogged about the Spiritual side of myself. As you know, I am a holistic health practitioner, I guide past life regressions and I do intuitive readings with angel cards. Aside from my educational work at the school. I am on social media, I share my blogs, my experiences and some stories with my followers.

My intention is to guide, teach, inspire and serve you.

On this blog I want to share about my first time (which was this past Sunday), at the Body, Soul, Spirit Expo. I went specifically to attend a past life workshop and meet my spirit guide through hypnosis of course. I already know how to do regressions but I wanted to learn the way to meet my spirit guide. The experience was great and I got exactly what I needed.

After the workshop I went into the expo to walk around and a booth really caught my eye. I stayed around and made eye contact with this lady who at the time I had no idea who she was but there was a line up of people waiting to talk with her and I watched her spend a few minutes with each person and it seemed as if she was blessing them.

Her booth had a few books that she had published and one of the titles really caught my eye as it was about meeting John of God. Also I saw that she was a Reiki Master and well we now have that in common I said to myself, so I decided right then to stand in line and meet this woman who also had the privilege to be in the presence of this holy man, John of God. John of God lives in Brazil and he is a medium, a psychic surgeon, a healer, thousands of people go visit him and report miracles.

My turn came to meet this lady, she held my hands, told me a few things about myself and my healing work, my future, amongst other things that were wow and super useful for me and my work. I did not say a thing. She was right on, I was overwhelmed. She blessed me. I know I will see her again. Her name is Gail Thackray, a psychic medium, Reiki Master yay! author, speaker, TV star! Meeting her made my day, I know it was in my “cards” to meet her. I was so excited! There is more I want to write about my meeting with her but that is material for another blog. I did ask her "How did you and how can I meet John of God" she replied " I can take you to him", she told me she can take me to him. I know this is why I went to the expo that day to open this new door for myself, I was guided to go, to meet her, and ask. My next blog I will share more on this.

I wanted to share this experience, write it down, put it out there because I feel amazing about it.

For more information and to book an appointment with me pls. go on my website and click on Book a Session, below you will find my services and contact information.