REIKI= Love, Health, Balance, Happiness

When I decided to become a Reiki practitioner and teacher it was because Reiki truly changed my life. I felt  peace within, was able to let go of worry, became more connected with my higher self and gained a better understanding of my environment and the people in my life. I learned how to really listen not only to myself but also the people around me. I am now more patient, understanding, open-minded, relaxed, happy! etc. 

I could go on and on about all the different ways Reiki has touched my life. Physically I feel great, never too tired I always have energy. Mentally I am better than ever.  If you are someone who is familiar with this Energy healing technique you will agree with me that it is indeed life-changing for the better! If you are new experiencing this practice or have never tried it before, I really encourage you to keep up with your sessions and to try it for the first time and give it a chance you will be glad that you did.

Whether you are a believer or not that Energy Healing works let me tell you that Reiki will give you its benefits regardless. How? you may ask... Well, Reiki is universal energy and we are ENERGY! Originated in  Japan centuries ago by Mikao Usui, a Japanese monk who based his healing techniques from various Asian healing practices. It is a fact  that disease is caused by imbalances and blockages of our vital energy centers or chakras and that correcting these imbalances promotes healing. As you know the body can heal itself. Reiki is one technique that Will do this for your body, mind and soul. It will promote healing from deep within. 

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Samantha/ Reiki Master

New Years Newsletter

I hope you all had a wonderful new year! January being the first month of the new year brings new beginnings and opportunities for many. I have some special offers this month I know you will love. 

This January come see me for Reiki and at the end of the session pick an Angel card deck for a mini reading. My clients love this and you as a new or returning client will enjoy it as well. Angel cards are great if you are looking for inspiration, guidance, clarity and a better sense of direction. 

Also, this month try EFT Tapping at 20% off a session. Emotional Freedom Technique is great for pain relief, phobias, weight loss, removing negative emotions and much more! Contact me for more details and to book an appointment. 

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Have a wonderful month and see you soon.



A Guide to Healing With Crystals

Hello and welcome back to my website and my blog! I bought a book the other day The Complete Guide to Crystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt. I am one to work with crystals and I want to share with you what I know with more information from this book. There are hundreds of crystals out there and it can get pretty overwhelming and confusing to know about them all and know which ones are right for you. So my intention with this blog is to help you in your search for the right ones depending on what your body, mind and soul need.

The body benefits a great deal from crystals as they work by detoxifying the body from unhelpful energies, promoting a more energized and stress FREE life... Who doesn't want that? 

First I want to explain that when you buy crystals you first choose the right one for you by placing the crystal in front of your belly if you feel the energy pulling you forward it means that specific stone is for you if it pulls you backwards means you need to choose another stone, same crystal just a different stone. Its amazing but that's how you know and you will feel the pull. Once you have the crystals that are right for you, you must clear them when you get home ( always) so they now have your energy and only yours!. Do not let anyone touch your crystals, if that happens just clear them again :). 

Here is a few different ways you clear your crystals:  with Sea salts, moonlight, smudge them with burning cedar or sage, run them under cool tap water make sure the points are facing down the drain to run the negative energy right down the sink!!! You can google for more details. After you clear them hold them close to your heart and set an intention for them on you. If you have any questions on this topic please contact me, leave a comment or email me. 

Here is a list of stones/crystals that will work to benefit a specific energy center in your body. I am only going to give one example for each. For your Crown chakra which connects you to universe, imagination, awareness and optimism use Amethyst. For Third Eye, mind, ideas, thoughts, use Lapiz Lazuli. For the Throat Chakra, communication, expression, responsibility, freedom, use Blue Lace Agate. For the Heart Chakra, love, trust, relationships, use Malachite. For the Solar Plexus Chakra, physical center, personal power, emotions, use Citrine. For Sacral Chakra, connection to the people, confidence, energy, use Carnelian. Last but not least, for the Root Chakra, survival, health, connection to earth, moving forward in life, use Red Jasper. 

Have fun Crystal shopping and ask me any questions your may have. I love to help. I would love to hear from you on how the Crystals are working for you and changing your life in a wonderful way.





My Spiritual side and meeting with Gail Thackray!


I have written a few blogs on here but I have not blogged about the Spiritual side of myself. As you know, I am a holistic health practitioner, I guide past life regressions and I do intuitive readings with angel cards. Aside from my educational work at the school. I am on social media, I share my blogs, my experiences and some stories with my followers.

My intention is to guide, teach, inspire and serve you.

On this blog I want to share about my first time (which was this past Sunday), at the Body, Soul, Spirit Expo. I went specifically to attend a past life workshop and meet my spirit guide through hypnosis of course. I already know how to do regressions but I wanted to learn the way to meet my spirit guide. The experience was great and I got exactly what I needed.

After the workshop I went into the expo to walk around and a booth really caught my eye. I stayed around and made eye contact with this lady who at the time I had no idea who she was but there was a line up of people waiting to talk with her and I watched her spend a few minutes with each person and it seemed as if she was blessing them.

Her booth had a few books that she had published and one of the titles really caught my eye as it was about meeting John of God. Also I saw that she was a Reiki Master and well we now have that in common I said to myself, so I decided right then to stand in line and meet this woman who also had the privilege to be in the presence of this holy man, John of God. John of God lives in Brazil and he is a medium, a psychic surgeon, a healer, thousands of people go visit him and report miracles.

My turn came to meet this lady, she held my hands, told me a few things about myself and my healing work, my future, amongst other things that were wow and super useful for me and my work. I did not say a thing. She was right on, I was overwhelmed. She blessed me. I know I will see her again. Her name is Gail Thackray, a psychic medium, Reiki Master yay! author, speaker, TV star! Meeting her made my day, I know it was in my “cards” to meet her. I was so excited! There is more I want to write about my meeting with her but that is material for another blog. I did ask her "How did you and how can I meet John of God" she replied " I can take you to him", she told me she can take me to him. I know this is why I went to the expo that day to open this new door for myself, I was guided to go, to meet her, and ask. My next blog I will share more on this.

I wanted to share this experience, write it down, put it out there because I feel amazing about it.

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Body Wisdom Part 2


Welcome to my Body Wisdom Part 2 blog. There is  great information here that I am glad to share with you. Last blog I ended with the neck.. lets continue today with the rest of our body parts. Here it goes:

~ Shoulders: We all know when we stress we carry it on our shoulders (and back). You might feel as though your life is too stressful or that you put yourself last on your list of priorities. Woman in particular store  a lot here!

~ Chest: Our chest pays the price when we have relationship issues, heart/love emotions, respiration and circulation.. Also self esteem and feelings of worthlessness, suppressed emotions and feeling controlled by others.

~ Solar Plexus: Power issues, emotional control issues, power and wisdom centre.

~ Abdomen: This is our seat of emotions! Our deepest feelings sit here. Centre of sexuality and digestive system.

~ Genitals: Related to Root Chakra, survival issues, fear of life.

~ Arms and hands: Are extensions of the heart centre, expresses love and emotion.

~ Upper arm: Strength to act, fear of being discouraged. Elbow, connects the strength of the upper arm to the action of the forearm.

~ Hands: Right hand is  associated with giving and receiving. Left hand and the details of life represents holding onto reality, reaching goals, fear of action. What issues can you not handle?

~ Back: Is where we store all our unconscious emotions and excess tension. Associated with stored anger and resentment, as well as money issues. Upper back we store anger. Lower back, man in particular store a lot here due to the storing of emotions in the belly.

~Gluteus muscles: Holding in emotions- not releasing and letting go, anal blockage.

~ Thigh: Personal strength, trust in your own abilities.

~ Knees: Fear of death and fear of death of old self or ego. Fear of change. 

~ Lower leg: Enables movement toward goals, fear of action. Ankles create balance. Do you need to change direction? Is your life unbalanced?

~ Feet: Associated with security and survival, connected with reading our goals and completing tasks, fear of taking the next step and feeling grounded.

Pretty interesting I'd say! Knowing this helps you get to know your body at a deeper level and understand it more now. Pay attention to what your body tries to tell you and keep an open mind when to comes to ways to heal your body. Alcohol and drugs are not the answer and it blocks you way more! I am here to help you and guide you. Do not hesitate to contact me with questions or concerns. I am glad to help in any way I can.




Chakras & Intimacy Part 2


This is part 2 of my last blog on here. It is really a re-cap of all my previous blogs on the seven main chakras, which you will find on this website.

Here is a review of our next chakras starting with our 4th energy centre also known as Anahata or Heart Chakra :). It's colour is green. It is located where the heart is. It concerns all issues involving relationships and love. Intimacy type is social.

Our 5th chakra is our Throat chakra also known as Visuddha, which means specially pure. It's colour is blue. It is located where the throat is, thyroid, neck, mouth, jaw. It concerns all communication issues, including listening, speaking, offering guidance, truth. Intimacy type is verbal. This one is to me a very important one. 

Our 6th chakra is our Third Eye, or Ajna, which means command and is considered the eye of intuition and intellect. It is located between the eyebrows, forehead, eyes. It is colour indigo. It concerns sight, inner vision, strategy, self image, long-range goals. Intimacy type is visual.

Our last but not least is our Crown chakra or Sahasrara. It is colour  violet. Located at the crown of the head. The gift of this chakra is experiencing unity and the selfless realization that everything is connected at a fundamental level. It concerns consciousness, spiritual purpose and destiny, contact with spiritual realm :). 

This is the end of this re-cap. You can find more detailed information on each of your chakras on my website. How to unblock your chakras by practicing Reiki, Yoga, Bio energy. If you have any further questions or comments please let me know. For Reiki Healing and clearing yourself and your energy centres call me for a consultation and to start your healing :).