heart chakra

4th Chakra~ The Mind Palace

Hello and welcome back to my blog on Chakras.

Today I am going to tell you about our 4th Chakra called The Mind Palace, seat of the soul. Love and compassion residing within giving rise to honesty, diligence, responsibility coming together with dignity.

This is our heart chakra. The seat of our emotional mind, it is through this 4th chakra that we can experience some of the most joyous aspects of life. When fully open it sends out rays of loving energy that can touch anyone in our immediate environment.

The 3 previous chakras I talked about before, relate to the physical body, the 4th chakra takes us beyond the limits of our personal self, from here we can begin to reach out beyond the egoic mind to experience connection and oneness with others. Now, this can be difficult as we experience the hurts that are part of the process, but the rewards of doing so are great. Almost everyone will experience some sort of heart blockage at some point in their lives. It is the natural result of our individual needs coming into conflict with those of others. Life is a constant process of opening and reopening the heart chakra. This chakra is highly reactive, opening and closing according to our responses to the world around us. When we build up walls that keep our heart shut away and protected, we fall victim to sadness, loneliness and arrogance. The key to keeping the fourth chakra open is positivity. As you practice keeping your 4th chakra open, differences will disappear. You will then know the power of your own divinity.

I hope you enjoyed the blog, the information given and learning about an important energy centre in your body.



Information Inspired by Healing Chakras ~ Ilchi Lee