I wrote a blog on Forgiveness  awhile ago but I feel it is so important to talk about forgiveness and what happens to us when we learn how to forgive and let go. I shared a message this morning on live video on my Facebook page and I read the following:

"The slight misdeed of yesterday, why should it mar today? The thing he said, the thing you did, have long since passed away; For yesterday was but a trial; today you will succeed, and from mistakes of yesterday will come some noble deed. Forgive yourself for thoughtlessness, do not condemn the past; for it is gone with its mistakes; their memory can not last; forget the  failures and misdeeds, from such experience rise! Why should you let your head bowed, Lift up your heart and eyes!"

That is so powerful! Read it a few times. Savour it because it can change your life. People will hurt you, lie to you, play you, mislead you, cheat you, use you, etc... and you at some point in your life will or have done the same to others. That is life and we are human. The key is to recognize it and stop the behaviour, we have a conscious and to be nice should be common sense. Being emphatic of others is important. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. 

When you forgive and not hold a grudge a heavy weight is lifted off your shoulders, your heart gets clean. Therefore you are happy. Forgiveness does not excuse their behaviour. Forgiveness prevents their behaviour from hurting your heart. Knowing this now, start applying this within yourself. You will see that to remain upset, hold a grudge, only makes you sad, unhappy and angry. Use your energy on positive things in your life for yourself. Stop letting others actions dictate how you feel! Be the better person, lift up your heart and lead by example. You have this choice!

My advice to you. With love and gratitude.


Affirmations, Gratitude & Sending Love to Those Who Bother YOU. What?! You might say...

This is something that I do every single day. Since the very first day a very wise friend of mine told me to do this I did and it changed my life.

I will share this with you because it works. So, just try.

Every day in the morning be grateful for 10 things in your life. What this does is puts you in the mind set of happiness and appreciation. By recognizing the good that surrounds you, you feel content. Great way to start your day!

After your gratitude affirmations, be still and ask for guidance for the day. The first thought that comes to mind, follow that thought or feeling. That is your gut. You must trust it.

Last but not least and most challenging is send love to those who bother you. Try this and please let me know how you felt after.

This is how you do this, sit or lay down in quiet and think of those whom you are not happy with. Anyone that you are not in a good place with. Send them love.

This does not mean that you agree with their behaviour but what this does do, it liberates you from that ugly feeling of discomfort and discontent that takes place in you heart when you do see them or think about them.

After practicing this a few times you will notice that the relationship with those specific people  starts to shift into a more positive state. At least from your perspective the relationship will start to heal, leaving you and your heart cleared from ugly resentful thoughts and feelings. When you get to this place you will send that vibe to them whether you are in their presence or not and automatically they will no longer play a negative bothersome part in your life.

If you have any comments on this or need more insight please feel free to talk to me.




I feel a lot of people have a hard time with this. Manifesting seems to be a foreign thought to many. People  are under the impression that all it takes is to want something, ask God for it, make a wish and poof it comes true. I am here to tell you that it takes more than a simple thought and wish to manifest the life you desire. Keep reading do not stop as this gets better and better. I may be "new" at this but I know exactly what I am talking about so here I am sharing it on my blog with you!

To manifest means to make your dreams and desires come true. To live a life full of abundance, wealth, good health, love and the whole nine yards. The Universe is abundant and we are all children of this Universe therefore we all deserve to have all the abundance this Universe has to offer! First you have to change the way you think, your paradigms, the way you were programmed to think and feel. You must stop listening to all the voices around you and only listen to your inner voice, your gut. Set goals for your self and do not let anyone tell you that you can not accomplish your goals. Surround yourself with positive people that can help you grow. 

Have gratitude in your heart and in everything that you do. Every morning write down 10 things ( not people)  you are thankful for. Look up to the sky and say Thank You for this new day. Every new day is a new chance to start over and continue to grow. Push your negative thoughts away from your mind and replace them with a positive thought. Be aware that if you are trying to do something and it is not working instead of getting frustrated and giving up this only means there is a better way, opportunity waiting for you. Most people do not see it this way, therefore we see a lot of suffering and failure in people. Giving up is easier than pushing through all the obstacles that may appear in your way but when you give up, you loose. When you push through you win.

Gratitude and Positivity are key. You have got to not only think of what it is you want but You must see it and feel it with everything in you. When you feel inspired to do something go ahead and do it! Do not let fear stop you. Go with your first thought or intuition and don't hesitate, hesitation is fear kicking in. Fear is your worst enemy. It is what is stopping you from realizing the life of your dreams.

I feel inspired when I blog and I start typing away. It is my pleasure to share what I learn, what I feel that I know will help you become a happier being. I help many people by giving advice, coaching and with energy healing. I take great pleasure and pride in what I do. Please don't hesitate to comment and contact me with any questions or concerns.



Aligning  Mind, Body and Soul


I happen to work with some pretty amazing people and every year as a community we organize drives to help people in need. There are so many organizations that need our help and we are involved in many. I want to share two Advent reflections on this blog that were shared with me by people at schools in my community. Here is the first one:

"What Are You Asking for This Christmas?"  by Joyce Rupp

Instead of focusing on material presents, let us request from the Heart of the Holy what most strengthens our souls and enlivens our love. This Christmas I ask for:

Hope, the north star in my soul, that it may always point me toward the Light of the World.

Stillness, to sweep through my restless mind, emptying it of the cluttered debris and floating negativity.

Non-violence, that every thought, word, deed and desire flow gently from me like a brook caressing unmovable stones.

 Savoring ,to remember with gratefulness moments of beauty and people's goodwill that prompted gladness.

 Other-Centeredness, for the tightly held part of self that ignores, denies or refuses to respond to the plight of others.

Laughter, to retain the sprightly dance of joy amid the endless duties, preparations, chores, and responsibilities.

Perspective, for an inner vision that views each difficult person or situation through the wide lens of kindness.

 Solace, to recognize, welcome and embrace what yearns for attention and comfort in the sanctuary of my soul.

Surprise, so the celebration of Christmas rekindles awe and gratitude for the Source of All Love, and influences how I live.

Beautiful isn't it? I was so filled with joy when I read what Mrs. Rupp wrote that I wanted to share it on my blog so you can read it too and reflect. Here is the other story I chose to share with you.

Every year at one of our District's High School, the Social Justice Student Club organizes a Christmas Food Hamper Drive for families-in-need within our school community. In light of our tough economic downturn, the financial stress endured by many of our low-income families has intensified. There has been an overwhelming request for over 100 hampers - the highest number to date! Some of these families are quite large and require multiple hampers. One family in particular has 11 children (including newborn twins) and a single mother working part-time. For many of us, this sort of struggle is unimaginable.  

 Sometimes this stress manifests itself in our classrooms, as evidenced by a student’s attitude, energy level, and academic performance. The impact of such burdens may be internalized and ignored, and those teenagers go about their day as if everything is fine. Our administrators, teachers, guidance team, resource workers, and support/caretaking staff demonstrate deep compassion by advocating for those students who put on a brave face and hide in the shadows.   

 Collecting enough non-perishable food items, toiletries, and baby supplies is always a challenge, but despite the “tightening-of-belts” within many of our own households, there has been a tremendous outpouring of support.

 Staff members, former staff, and other schools continue to make personal contributions, solicit donations over social media, and reach out to family members, friends and businesses. There have been anonymous cash donors and even a complete stranger in line at a store handed over a $20 bill to help purchase a teacher’s hamper items! Most notably, our students - many of whom face some degree of financial tension at home - have recognized their blessings and offered food from their own pantries.

 Thanks to the Calgary Catholic district staff’s generosity and good will, many of our students will have a much brighter Christmas season.

I feel so blessed to be a part of this beautiful Community and all I can say is thank you to all the people that help families in need and organize drives so we/ I can help as well. There are so many earth Angels out there and I feel I am surrounded by many and for that I say Thank You God :)I wish you all a very merry Christmas and best wishes for the New Year 2017!








Coincidence or Fate?



When we meet people we sometimes wonder why they come into our life... I know I do. This blog is tied to my last blog on here, there is so much material on this I love it. I can just write write and keep on writing! I believe in fate. I believe that when people cross our paths is for a reason which sometimes we don't know right away. Some people stay in our life for a long time and others we meet for a few minutes and they are gone. I can guarantee if you look deeper you can see and realize why. 

We learn from these people, sometimes great lessons that makes us happy and help us grow. Other times the lessons and experiences we learn are not so great and other times people show up to "mirror" so we can see with our own eyes, what it is  we should be looking for or going after... if that makes sense to you all. We all have those WTH moments after meeting some people, but at the end we find out the reason behind it. My hope is that we all learn from these life lessons through these people, as they can and do strengthen us, enlighten us, makes us wiser.

My personal experience and this is how I'm tying this blog to my last blog :). I met this lady who introduced me and gave me access to Gabby Bernstein digital Spirit Junkie Master course! I did not know about this course and I, at the moment could not afford this course and I told her so. She said to me " Sam, I will give you access to this course so you can learn, get inspired and take what you need from it". "You will love it, you will love Gabby" were her words to me.  I was wowed by her generosity to share this with me as not many people would do this for someone they barely know on a personal level. She reads my blogs, knows about my spiritual work, my faith and beliefs and has faith in me, that's why she did it. This lady is amazing in my books and I owe her because I am enjoying this digital course, I get more inspired, more knowledgable, enlightened.  Meeting her~ my fate.

Gabby talks about John of God, please google him. I have been wanting to learn more about him and even has crossed my mind to meet him and live this experience Gabby talks about first hand.  I went to the Body, Soul, Spirit expo last Sunday and whom do I meet? Gail Thackray, Medium, Reiki Master, Author, TV star! She knows John of God, wrote a book on the experience and I now I know how to contact and can communicate with Gail, attend other workshops led by Gail and fly to meet John of God with Gail and others when I am ready and able to. Coincidence? Nope this is Fate!

I am a spirit junkie. I am loving and embracing this path I am on. I want more of it. I want to share with you what I learn, inspire you and guide you, because I can and It fulfills me to do so, to serve you. 

I hope you trust your instinct~ believe in yourself~ shine your light! we are all stars~ when you fall get up and keep going~ have faith and smile~

Life is beautiful, and when you meet special people let them know what they mean to you. Don't let fear stop you from giving anyone a beautiful compliment or telling them how they have touched and changed your life. Fear is our worst enemy, blocks us. I will blog on Fear soon.




KARMA and a little more....

“ What happened yesterday it’s already your past,
What is happening now is your present, be in the moment......and what happens tomorrow will be what it is meant to be”


I Hope you find this blog as interesting as you did all my other blogs. I chose to talk about Karma because really there is just so much to say about Karma. It really fascinates me. There are so many sayings out there and here are a few I've known for years.." What comes around goes around", " You get what you give", "No man is more cheated than a selfish man", and well there are a million more.  I believe in Karma, I believe that you have to believe in something, your gut, Karma, Instinct, God, your Destiny, whatever it is to keep you strong, moving forward no matter what obstacles you encounter. To have a belief that helps you connect all the dots, put your life puzzle together and be able to see the big picture.

I totally believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a new door that opens when another door shuts. I believe in signs and that things happen for a reason. To keep positive thoughts and to be thankful for what we have and the people in our life is key to me.

So back to Karma and more.. since I blogged on Soulmates before I will talk about Karmic Relationships today.. a Karmic Relationship is NOT a soul mate, as much some of us may want to believe. The love relationships that we encounter throughout our lives are Karmic in nature and not all past life relationships were happy go lucky. So when we make the connection with a soulmate we really have no idea whether its a good thing or not..the only thing you know is what you feel inside.. how  you are so drawn to this person. It is magnetic and you can not control it. The experience of a "Karmic Relationship" is not a lasting one unless you enjoy arguments, unhappiness and resentment. The day you choose to embrace your happiness, and find out who you are in this life, that day you will say goodbye to your Karmic Relationship and say hello to a new healthy relationship here and now. Remember that in these types of relationships there are so many issues that you haven't yet resolved and in a past life you have agreed to meet again. Lets all keep in mind this is a new life where we have the choice to say goodbye to our past and hello to today. Our new Day!!! Our gift. Lets embrace each day!




Soul~Mates.. My Thoughts

Hello! I hope you enjoy reading this blog as this is a topic I am passionate about and I have so much to say. Soulmate, we all want to find our soulmate, we believe once we find that one person we will be forever in love, complete and happy. Well...., let me tell you in case you didn't know.. we happen to have many soulmates, not just one. Here is what I know and have experienced... Years ago I didn't believe in reincarnation and soulmates but after meeting a few different people and having different relationships I had no choice but to start believing that the people that come into our lives, are there for a reason. When we meet people we get a sense of who they are, either we like them right away or we don't.  We get this vibe or gut feeling which we should always trust. We feel we know them well when really we don't, we trust them right away or we do not. Chances are these people you meet and start a relationship with are your soul mates or if you feel you need to  stay away from some people and not sure why? chances are these are also soulmates that did you wrong in a past life, therefore your first instinct is to not trust them and keep away. It is said that our souls come back to meet again with other souls from our past lives. This happens because there may be a lesson to be learned, an unfinished business, or a promise of love to meet each other again. Now, souls recognize each other and they will meet again when the time is right, and you will know. "The eyes are the windows of the soul", have you ever heard that saying? Well, does it make sense now when you look into someones eyes and can see right through them or  has anyone ever told you or you told them " I get lost in your eyes", these people you are connecting with in such deep level are your soulmates. This does not mean this one person will be with you in this life time forever, just means that at this time your souls have come together again to either fall in love again, learn a lesson, forgive, help you through something, teach you something, etc.. Your soulmates can come back as your lover, sibling, friend, son, daughter,  the point is to find each other again and reconnect. We all have a friend that we love as family and family we relate to as friends and chances are this person was your family in a past life. If you think about the people in your life today, family, friends, our own children, our partners, exes, you will understand the reason for finding each other again.  If your souls came together to learn a new lesson, learn forgiveness, make you stronger, ready for a better something meant for you in this you fall in love and if you fall in love at first sight and feel you have known each other forever, then trust that this special someone is your soulmate lover from the past. 

Some of us  are old souls, If you seem to know a lot about everything, and things just make sense to you and come to you easily, then you are an old soul. Most of us are stubborn souls that haven't learned the lessons in life we were meant to learn and so we keep coming back. Some of us are new souls, innocent, kind, naive, with little  experience and much to learn.  Life is a school and we are students. Hopefully we will get it right this life. We have choices and freedom and much love to give and receive. Trust your gut feelings, learn from the people in your life, don't hold grudges as there are valuable lessons to learned here. Be happy you are here and make this life the best you can. Don't be afraid to fall in love again even if your heart has been broken a million times, because each one of those times you learned a lesson and it made you ready for true long lasting love with a soulmate that has come back just for you.

This is my two cents on this and I hope you liked reading my blog. I would love to hear what you thought!