KARMA and a little more....

“ What happened yesterday it’s already your past,
What is happening now is your present, be in the moment......and what happens tomorrow will be what it is meant to be”


I Hope you find this blog as interesting as you did all my other blogs. I chose to talk about Karma because really there is just so much to say about Karma. It really fascinates me. There are so many sayings out there and here are a few I've known for years.." What comes around goes around", " You get what you give", "No man is more cheated than a selfish man", and well there are a million more.  I believe in Karma, I believe that you have to believe in something, your gut, Karma, Instinct, God, your Destiny, whatever it is to keep you strong, moving forward no matter what obstacles you encounter. To have a belief that helps you connect all the dots, put your life puzzle together and be able to see the big picture.

I totally believe that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, a new door that opens when another door shuts. I believe in signs and that things happen for a reason. To keep positive thoughts and to be thankful for what we have and the people in our life is key to me.

So back to Karma and more.. since I blogged on Soulmates before I will talk about Karmic Relationships today.. a Karmic Relationship is NOT a soul mate, as much some of us may want to believe. The love relationships that we encounter throughout our lives are Karmic in nature and not all past life relationships were happy go lucky. So when we make the connection with a soulmate we really have no idea whether its a good thing or not..the only thing you know is what you feel inside.. how  you are so drawn to this person. It is magnetic and you can not control it. The experience of a "Karmic Relationship" is not a lasting one unless you enjoy arguments, unhappiness and resentment. The day you choose to embrace your happiness, and find out who you are in this life, that day you will say goodbye to your Karmic Relationship and say hello to a new healthy relationship here and now. Remember that in these types of relationships there are so many issues that you haven't yet resolved and in a past life you have agreed to meet again. Lets all keep in mind this is a new life where we have the choice to say goodbye to our past and hello to today. Our new Day!!! Our gift. Lets embrace each day!