weight loss


Hello to all,

I hope you had a wonderful week and if you did not then right now set an intention to change that! Take a few deep breaths taking in the new and exhaling the old toxic stuff that had you in a rut.

I was reading a Blog that Gail Thackray wrote and I found it super interesting so I decided to share some of the content on my blog here. Gail’s blog was about Energy Healing to loose weight! Yes, you read correctly… energy healing to loose weight.

It so happens that when we hold on to negative thoughts and feelings in our energy field, no matter how much we work out, how consistent we are in eating healthy or following a diet we are not going to achieve our weight loss goal because we are “blocked”, not allowing our energy to flow smoothly and clear.

It will not be until we release the underlying energy, the toxins we are holding onto..that we will get the results we want without killing ourselves in a gym 3 hours a day! Who has the time for that?

I will share this with you, keep reading and you will see how much sense this makes! See where you fall in these categories and feel free to write me and comment on this blog. I am a Reiki Master and I can not only help you with this issues but I can answer any questions you may have.

~~ If you had difficulty with mom or dad or someone in your childhood you are going to put on weight around your base chakra. That is in your hips, thighs and butt.

~~ If you have past romantic relationships that you have not completely gotten over or are having difficulty in a present relationship you are going to put on weight around your tummy area.

~~ If you are very empathic and take on problems for everyone you are going to put on weight all over!

So you can exercise and diet all you want, those last few pounds are never going away and they are always going to come creeping back because you haven’t released the energy. The good news is this is just energy and energy can be shifted :)!

Once you release the energy you’ll start to shed those excess pounds and feel so much better about yourself inside out. You will heal the core of all your issues, you will be EMOFREE from the EMOCHAINS!

I hope you found this blog super informative & pls send me a note!