Every single blade of grass, and every flake of snow-

Is just a wee bit different…

There is no two alike, you now.

From something small, like grains of sand,

To each gigantic star, all were made with THIS in mind:

To be just what they are!

How foolish then, to imitate-

How useless to pretend!

Since each of us comes from a MIND whose ideas never end.

There’ll only be just ONE of ME

to show what I can do-

And you should likewise be very proud there is only ONE of YOU!

That is where it all starts

With YOU, a wonderful unlimited human being.

-James T. Moore

This is a beautiful read, do you truly understand how wonderful and unique you are?! I wanted to share this with you because so many people are not aware of the wonderful gifts they have within themselves, to offer to others and lead by example. The gifts within to create a life of abundance. A life to be in love with.

So, read this over and over and contact me if you need help getting yourself out of a daily rut and are searching for more out of your life. If you want to know how to live a well balanced life and achieve personal success, I will help you.

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