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     I have some pretty exciting things to share with you this month. Let me tell you what I have been up to these past few weeks. If you follow me on social media you know I have been keeping up with my live videos, motivational quotes and sharing great insights. But also, I have been busy studying, writing and creating!

     As you may know, I wrote a Gratitude Affirmations e-Book for you. To teach you about this wonderful and very positive practice and show you how to properly write your gratitude lists! If you have not yet downloaded this book, do it now by clicking on this link below :)

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Samantha Cervino P

Find Your Balance


Lets begin this blog by revisiting Yin/Yang. Lets divide our body in two, the left side is the Yin, our feminine side & the right side is the Yang, our masculine side. Yin is our feelings & Yang is our logic. How important do you think it is to have Yin/Yang well cleared and balanced? Very!

When we go through difficult situations in life like a break up, death of a loved one, loss of something meaningful to us, for e.g., We tend to react, in different ways of course trying to deal with the pain. Some of us vent and confide in a trusted friend or shrink. Some of us hold it in, hide it inside, lock it away and throw away the key. Some of us may turn to drinking or other addictions to numb the pain. Others turn to working out, which is great for releasing the stress, BUT does not heal the root of the problem, the emotion. Others turn to their work making work their only and very first priority in life. BUT what we must understand and learn now is that when we do these things, react in these ways, we are NOT healing the emotion! We are NOT healing the emotions that will sit on our energy centers causing us more pain and illnesses.

So lets see which emotions sit where and some of the side effects you will feel as a result of not healing the emotion.

Throat center is our communication center. Right to speak and be heard. When blocked/hurt, we will experience lack of trust, self expression issues, lack of nurturing, to name a few.. Also Thyroid problems.

Heart center is our social identity, the right to be loved and love. We may feel grief, sadness, loss, sorrow, lack of love and many more negative feelings. 

Fear center is our power center, ego identity, right to act. We hold fears and phobias here. We feel loss of control. Fear of losing control. The big “R”, Relationships. Abusive authority. Imbalance of power in a relationship. All this baggage will cause all kinds of health issues and chronic fatigue. Liver and spleen issues.

Then we have the Old Stuff center. Family sexual issues and creative center. Is our emotional identity, our right to Feel. Childhood conditioning. Violation of the body and personal space. Something done to us, taken away from us. Molestation, abuse, rape.  Trapped emotions in this area can cause problems in the gut, digestion and affect the female cycle. Unresolved emotions will set like cement here. We can get hip and spine problems as well.

Last is our Survival center, physical identity, our right to have. When blocked we feel weak, like we will not survive a life threatening incident. We have survival issues, violations related to surviving like accidents, abuse, rape. Impotence, frigidity. Feeling of abandonment, self rejection, judgement by others, self betrayal, betrayal by someone trusted, pain in the heart.

Problems with right side legs/knees/ankles can reflect feelings of lack of support in career, finances. Can also be a way of showing you to take stock of the situation. Problems with left side legs/knees/ankles can reflect feelings of lack of emotional support. Old injuries that still cause pain are due to unresolved emotional stuff and can be evident for years!

Please start healing your emotions deep within.





Fear & Codependency


I decided to write this blog  because on my last blog tilted ” People we meet, Coincidence or Fate” I said I would write a blog on fear and also I had a conversation with a group of ladies and the topic of codependency and fear came up and because I don’t wanna loose my words I’m writing now ;).

We need to understand that Fear is an emotion that causes us pain and threat. I am a spiritual woman so when I feel fear, what that tells me is that I have separated from spirit. Fear is a physical emotion not a spiritual one.

Codependency is an excessive emotional or psychological reliance on a partner. When you are codependent and rely on someone else this puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on your relationship, any relationship, does not have to be a romantic one. You need be able to stand on your two feet. Know that you can!

All of us have felt fear and codependency and millions of people still live controlled by these two strong emotions. To learn how to break free from these chains first we must acknowledge that we are in fact fearful and codependent.  It takes a lot of courage, effort, practice, strength and ultimately and most importantly faith! to acknowledge and free ourselves from this way of life. It is easier said than done for sure.

Let me tell you though, when you finally FREE yourself from fear and codependency it is a totally different life you live. You begin to feel at peace with yourself, more relaxed, happier, sure of yourself, more positive, stronger, you gain self esteem, self respect, confidence, to name a few.

After many years I learned that fear blocked me and stopped me from doing a lot of things when I was younger…. If I had known then what I know now. But my life has been full of ups and downs and lessons and many blessings. I have learned a lot and I have used it to make me a better woman today. Because of my life and my past and the lessons I have learned, I am who I am today and I would not change it for anything. I am in a great place with myself.  I have kicked fear off and I learned not to be codependent. I have finally freed myself and you can do it too!

Many people both man and woman are codependent and afraid of change, any change. Many people choose to live miserably because of fear and codependency. I am here to tell you that no one has to live unhappily ever after. Change is great! and many times just the medicine we need.

If you need to talk more about this or if you would like to ask me any more questions or you are simply looking for  guidance. I am happy to help. I hope this blog is useful to you and helps inspire you.