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     I have some pretty exciting things to share with you this month. Let me tell you what I have been up to these past few weeks. If you follow me on social media you know I have been keeping up with my live videos, motivational quotes and sharing great insights. But also, I have been busy studying, writing and creating!

     As you may know, I wrote a Gratitude Affirmations e-Book for you. To teach you about this wonderful and very positive practice and show you how to properly write your gratitude lists! If you have not yet downloaded this book, do it now by clicking on this link below :)

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     I look forward to working with you! Have a great and prosperous month of June :)

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Motivational Quotes by Me- Published By The Wellness Universe


Hello all!

I am happy to write to you and share a few of my most beautiful quotes that have been published by the The Wellness Universe (WU) the world’s first, one-stop, online directory and resource center to support and promote whole-health and well-being on a global scale. I am not only a proud member of WU but also I am a Moderator for WU :)

On my website I have created a page titled My Quotes, just for you. I love quotes because they are very inspirational and can give you great insights! I also manage a Facebook page Beautiful Quotes where I regularly post motivational quotes by me and other inspirational souls. Here is the link to my Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/getmotivatedwithme/

If you have not visited My Quotes page yet here is a preview of some of the quotes you will find there.

Finally, let me tell you about my Free E-book! I am so happy to share it with you and your loved ones. My book is titled The Gratitude Affirmations and you can download your copy right here on my Home page :)

Stay tuned for my June Newsletter with some great updates and I hope you enjoyed my quotes :)

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My Latest News

Hello my friend,

Happy to share with you my latest quote featured on The Wellness Universe! They made it into a beautiful poster. 

Also, do not miss my live videos on my Facebook page! Here is the link: https://www.facebook.com/alternativehealingwithme/ Always motivating with gratitude and great shares!

I also want to share a few links where you can see what I am up to :) 

The Body Mind Network- http://mindbodynetwork.com/profile/samantha-c-panopoulos where you can check out my articles I will be writing soon.

The Wellness Universe where I am not only a member but also a Moderator! to see my profile and the work we do please check this link: https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/world-changers/samanthac-panopoulos/

My Google Plus https://plus.google.com/u/0/104023928084191502145

My Youtube channel :) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxdeC7MhHxTuQ9IJv6aXtvA/videos

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7 Daily Affirmations for Self Love

This blog written by me was featured by The Wellness Universe on 08/01/17. I am proud to share the link to this article below :) Also, links to my social media where you can directly click and follow my pages and updates are a great way to keep connected and read all my articles and videos :) (scroll down my website)

Thank you,

Samantha :)


The Power of Thoughts

Thoughts are powerful. Thoughts are ideas, opinions produced by thinking. Thoughts are the start of a want, a wish, a desire. You think of something you want and if you put emotion and effort into that thought you are sure to obtain that which you wish to have. No doubt.

See, your thoughts control your emotions and your emotions control your vibration. Think positive, feel positive, attract positive. No matter what always try to have positive thoughts.

Practice control over your thoughts. How do you do this? Every time you have a thought that puts you in a negative, upsetting vibration or makes you feel upset or sad or uncomfortable. Realizing the effect that thought has on you is the first step. All you do after realizing that this particular thought doesn't serve you is redirect or shift that thought right away to a positive.

Always be aware of your feelings and emotions. Be present within yourself. Very important to realize when your thoughts and emotions are changing and understanding the reasons why. Once you start doing this for yourself you will be able to avoid certain things or people that might be the cause for your negative feelings and emotions. 

Repetition is key! That is why daily affirmations and gratitude is so important. Repetition of positive thoughts don't leave room for negative. One small positive thought in the morning can change the whole outcome of your day! Positive thinking is key to a happy life, good health and success!

Thank you,








Hello! I am very excited to share some awesome news with you!

It has been three weeks already since my first live feed video! I am getting great feedback from you and I thank you for that :). 

I am now a member of the Wellness Universe World Changers Community! How exciting is this and what an opportunity for me. I am happy and greatful for this! You can check my profile by clicking on the link below :) 

Sessions with me are available on Skype, FB video, Facetime, Zoom or phone. This is great for clients out of town. Guidance and Direction One on One sessions are now available and very healing. Contact me for details and lets book you a time.

Lastly, the news about my move... June 30th I am moving back to Ontario. I will update then my new phone number on my websites. Ontario residents I am looking forward to working with you! 

Coming soon, my You Tube channel! Stay tuned....:) 

Thank you,



Life- What I have been up to :)

In the past few weeks I have gained much knowledge and understanding in regards to myself, my whole life past and present. Understanding more and more how life works. I am grateful for the opportunity to have met Bob Proctor in person, spending four days in LA surrounded by beautiful people, inspirational, motivational and knowledgable. Meeting Mr. Proctor who's not only a great mentor but a man I have a lot of respect for, was on my bucket list. I am happy an grateful for the chance given to me to attend Paradigm Shift and meet this man personally and be in that space.   

Forever grateful to my dear friends Rosangela & Matt for introducing me to this material that has changed my life more so as it is what I needed and have been searching for for years. What I am learning and this experience is a feeling that will last forever and I hold very dear to my heart.

The people I met at the seminar and the new friendships I made are long lasting and based on supporting each other, motivating each other, studying books together,  helping each other grow and achieving our goals! I am so happy and grateful for all of you in my life right now. Reading this blog, supporting me. 

I am studying two books at the moment and other materials as well. I have two reading partners that I am happy an grateful for both of them. I have a live feed on Facebook and Twitter Monday-Friday. Links to both are below on this website. On Facebook I go live at 8:15am MDT and on Twitter I go live at 8:25am MDT. My videos are to work and help you with daily gratitude, self love and motivational shares also based on my book studies.

I thank you for your support. I will see you live tomorrow morning!





I wrote a blog on Forgiveness  awhile ago but I feel it is so important to talk about forgiveness and what happens to us when we learn how to forgive and let go. I shared a message this morning on live video on my Facebook page and I read the following:

"The slight misdeed of yesterday, why should it mar today? The thing he said, the thing you did, have long since passed away; For yesterday was but a trial; today you will succeed, and from mistakes of yesterday will come some noble deed. Forgive yourself for thoughtlessness, do not condemn the past; for it is gone with its mistakes; their memory can not last; forget the  failures and misdeeds, from such experience rise! Why should you let your head bowed, Lift up your heart and eyes!"

That is so powerful! Read it a few times. Savour it because it can change your life. People will hurt you, lie to you, play you, mislead you, cheat you, use you, etc... and you at some point in your life will or have done the same to others. That is life and we are human. The key is to recognize it and stop the behaviour, we have a conscious and to be nice should be common sense. Being emphatic of others is important. Treat others the way you would like to be treated. 

When you forgive and not hold a grudge a heavy weight is lifted off your shoulders, your heart gets clean. Therefore you are happy. Forgiveness does not excuse their behaviour. Forgiveness prevents their behaviour from hurting your heart. Knowing this now, start applying this within yourself. You will see that to remain upset, hold a grudge, only makes you sad, unhappy and angry. Use your energy on positive things in your life for yourself. Stop letting others actions dictate how you feel! Be the better person, lift up your heart and lead by example. You have this choice!

My advice to you. With love and gratitude.


Affirmations, Gratitude & Sending Love to Those Who Bother YOU. What?! You might say...

This is something that I do every single day. Since the very first day a very wise friend of mine told me to do this I did and it changed my life.

I will share this with you because it works. So, just try.

Every day in the morning be grateful for 10 things in your life. What this does is puts you in the mind set of happiness and appreciation. By recognizing the good that surrounds you, you feel content. Great way to start your day!

After your gratitude affirmations, be still and ask for guidance for the day. The first thought that comes to mind, follow that thought or feeling. That is your gut. You must trust it.

Last but not least and most challenging is send love to those who bother you. Try this and please let me know how you felt after.

This is how you do this, sit or lay down in quiet and think of those whom you are not happy with. Anyone that you are not in a good place with. Send them love.

This does not mean that you agree with their behaviour but what this does do, it liberates you from that ugly feeling of discomfort and discontent that takes place in you heart when you do see them or think about them.

After practicing this a few times you will notice that the relationship with those specific people  starts to shift into a more positive state. At least from your perspective the relationship will start to heal, leaving you and your heart cleared from ugly resentful thoughts and feelings. When you get to this place you will send that vibe to them whether you are in their presence or not and automatically they will no longer play a negative bothersome part in your life.

If you have any comments on this or need more insight please feel free to talk to me.




Every New Day is a Gift Not a Given Right

You heard this before, I know you have. Have you stopped to think what this really means? These are not just empty words. There is a message here for all of us, for all humanity. My intention with this blog is that you not only read it but really pay attention to the words and think about your actions towards these words. Say it outloud "Every new day is a gift, not a given right!'


Write it down, read it daily if you must. But please embrace the fact that you are one of the lucky ones that get to see tomorrow. We live in a beautiful planet, called Earth. Which we must love and keep safe. We are here to love not destroy. It starts by loving ourselves! When you wake up in the morning are you grateful for the new day? Are you ready to confront what the day brings to you? OR do you Dread getting up in the morning. Getting out of bed. Do you feel your life has no purpose. Are you not motivated? You probably fall into either one of two categories:

1- Grateful and motivated or

2- Miserable, sad, unmotivated.


I want to help you move from category 2 into category 1. We all want to be grateful and motivated!

So, look around and find nice things like nature, thats pretty easy as nature surrounds us. If you can see the sun shine, be grateful for that. If you can hear the birds sing or the noise of traffic, be grateful for that. If you can feel when you touch, be grateful for that. If you can smell the aroma of rain or flowers, be grateful for that. Be grateful that all your senses work! Because there are many people that are not as lucky. Yet, they are grateful for what they do have. Key point Be Grateful for what you have!

When you say thank you for all the things you are blessed with, you send out a positive vibration! That only comes back to you in more positive ways. Positive thoughts = Positive results. You heard this before, many times. Guess what? It is true. I am living proof. BUT don't just say it for the sake of saying it, YOU MUST MEAN IT. Feel it. Sometimes life throws us stones and when it rains it pours, but in times like those find your inner strength, push through and have a little faith. Because after the rain always comes a beautiful rainbow.


Please contact me with questions, concerns. I can help you be in the category 1 and find your own rainbow.


With love,