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While my story is of rediscovery, there are many others who also have unique personal journeys to share. These stories of inspiration can encourage us to seek out our dreams, trust ourselves and never give up.

They teach us to see the magical beauty of the world that surrounds us everyday, as well as show what the true values are worth striving for. They tell us about the healing power of people, of self, of Reiki.

Below are some of my favourite stories of others I've helped. I would love to hear yours!

"I was lucky enough to have my first Reiki experience with Samantha. She was very professional and made me feel relaxed right from the start. Samantha was able to quickly identify where my stress was and she was able to focus on those areas. I left feeling calmer and more relaxed than I have felt in awhile. I also slept like a baby that night. I would definitely recommend Samantha to other people who are new to Reiki. You will walk away with a better feeling across your whole body." - Melissa

"I had an amazing session with Samantha. I felt warm energy and vibrations flowing through my body. It was very therapeutic for me. During the treatment, she was aware of parts of me that felt heavy and stressed and by end of the session, I felt like those feelings were gone. My body felt lighter and and my mind at peace. Having more Reiki treatments with her long term is definitely something I would consider for its wonderful healing powers."
- Rashi

"I had an experience this afternoon which was both frightening and exciting at the same time. I Believe in Past Lives and that we're Re-Incarnated numerous amounts of times in our Lifetimes. We're connected by our Souls in every Life and this may be a Life Changing Experience! I'm anxious to re-attempt this Past Life Regression Path Again Sam! It was Fantabulous seeing & chatting with you again...until next time mi Amiga! - Evelyn

"I experienced a session with Sam today it didn't go as planned but man she knows what she's doing! She opened up some new windows into my soul that I need to look at A lot more. I will definitely return to her to dig deep into my past a lot more! I never realized the powers of Reiki until today!! Thank you Sam you're amazing!" -  Char

I met with Sam today as I was feeling a little unbalanced in my life. She is very professional and I automatically felt at ease. I am a spiritual person and I felt myself very open to Reiki and what it could do for me. Right away once the session started, I felt the warmth from the heat coming from different chakra areas. I had my eyes closed and I could see different colours of light swirling around. My whole body felt relaxed and there was a lightening sensation and a feeling of release when Sam began to clear my energy blockages. I left feeling relaxed and happier. I did feel more balanced too after just one session! Thank you Sam for my first ever Reiki session. It was wonderful!, Sofia K."

I had a few sessions with Samantha and my personal experience with her and Reiki is of great value to me. Samantha has helped me overcome some things in my life with her guidance and love for Reiki. Just being in her presence helps and inspires me a great deal. I continue to see her for Reiki and intuitive readings. Samantha is a great energy healer and I am glad to have met her.


I went to see Sam for a few Reiki sessions and past life regression as well. I had Reiki done on me years ago and I remembered it being so relaxing and peaceful practice. When I met Sam for the first time her energy was so amazing and I felt so relaxed with her.Our session was a little emotional as I was going through some things in life. Sam was so great at knowing how to make me feel at ease. I have moved away but I keep in touch with Sam and I religiously read her blogs! God bless you dear Sam I love you!

Anna Maria



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