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Allow yourself to feel life, not plan life.


Meet Samantha- Reiki Master - EFT Tapping Certified- Influencer- Motivational- Blogger/Author- Guidance & Self Development Coach and Wellness Universe Ambassador! 

This is her story

     Samantha Cervino is no stranger to change… In fact, her life has changed dramatically many times over - and she in turn has touched the lives of many on her fascinating journey. At age 14, she emigrated with her family from Uruguay leaving friends, traditions and everything she knew behind; For a new life in Toronto, Canada. 

     Just a few short years ago her life took another dramatic turn, leading her down a path of true purpose and fulfillment. As a global change maker and moderator for the Wellness Universe, Samantha has changed and improved the lives of many, including children with special needs as well as countless clients in her practice of Energy Therapy and Guidance & Direction Coaching. 

     In addition to being an accomplished leader in her field of understanding and shifting human emotions through Reiki, EFT and ongoing studies guided by great mentors such as Bob Proctor. She is also a blogger, published author and motivates through her work on social media. 

     As a master energy healer, Samantha is committed to the personal success of her clients and is often quoted for saying “Life is to be felt, not planned”… 

     Enjoy a free copy of Samantha's E-book ready for you to download right on the home page in this website! and enjoy listening to her latest interview on Passionate Talk Podcast and her conference in Spanish with Mindalia a Latin American TV & radio station.

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